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This adorable octopus is named for the ear-like fins with which it swims, making it look like the elephant of the sea. [Read More]
Five newborn babies die every minute on Earth, an "alarmingly high" statistic as up to 80 percent of the deaths are preventable, according to a... [Read More]
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KFC fast food restaurants in the U.K. are failing at their one job — to provide fried chicken to their customers. [Read More]
Five newborn babies die every minute on Earth, an "alarmingly high" statistic as up to 80% of them are preventable, according to Unicef. [Read More]
A Russian restaurant is using the celebration of Maslenitsa as a way to promote itself through President Trump-related gimmicks. [Read More]
An American Airlines ticket agent's quick thinking prevented two teenagers from a likely human trafficking scheme. [Read More]