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A brawl between students has been reported in the courtyard at Arsenal Tech High School on Indianapolis east side. [Read More]
A brawl possibly involving hundreds of people has been reported in the courtyard at Tech High School on Indianapolis east side.        ... [Read More]
State lawmakers sent a letter to IPS, urging the district to strike a deal with Purdue Polytechnic. The charter school needs a second location.      ... [Read More]
Indiana University set new records for private giving and research grants        ... [Read More]
Gov. Eric Holcomb released the results of the months-long school safety study Friday        ... [Read More]
The state launched a program to provide schools with free metal detector wands. Now, they have to figure out how to use them.       ... [Read More]
The two groups had been at odds over the size of the proposed tax increase        ... [Read More]
Indianapolis Public Schools is looking to sell several properties, including the sought-after former high schools        ... [Read More]
Nearly every school district has requested metal detectors through the state's new program. See the full list.        ... [Read More]
The district is asking for a $315 million operating referendum to close a budget hole and raise pay but facing some potentially stiff opposition.      ... [Read More]
This is the district's third attempt at a referendum proposal. Next week is the last chance to amend the figure before the election.       ... [Read More]
See the full list of schools that have requested metal detectors through the state's new program.        ... [Read More]
The Chamber is calling on the district to slash administrative staff, cut teaching positions and sell more buildings to fund pay increases.        ... [Read More]
Gov. Holcomb announced the new program Monday.        ... [Read More]
School closures and budget cuts are driving the layoffs, said IPS officials.        ... [Read More]
Federal authorities said he and three other men spent years defrauding health care groups out of millions of dollars to live a lavish lifestyle.      ... [Read More]
A 1-cent gas tax increase, along with a host of new state laws, will take effect Sunday.        ... [Read More]
The Indy Chamber has been reviewing IPS operations and said it will recommend big changes in final report.        ... [Read More]
An IPS employee has been accused of sexual misconduct involving a student. The district said the employee is no longer working there.        ... [Read More]
Indiana schools handle the needs of transgender students differently, depending on where you live.        ... [Read More]