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Neosho special education teachers and paraprofessionals are learning tactics to de-escalate crisis-level behaviors in students. [Read More]
A local 6 year old is looking to spread the love by helping people in need. [Read More]
Cattle producers in Missouri are getting some extra help and information to survive this year's drought. [Read More]
Two Joplin-area nonprofits are among 200 finalists from across the country who are competing for $25 thousand dollar grants. [Read More]
As school starts back up, teachers and faculty in one local school district are preparing for something they hope never happens. [Read More]
A weekend drug bust leads Joplin police to seize 286 grams of meth and 4 grams of heroin at the Fairfield Inn in Joplin. [Read More]
A new trend is popping up in Southwest Missouri that is bridging the gap between fast food and healthy food. [Read More]
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announces the appointment of a new member to the Grand River Dam Authority. [Read More]
Several Missourians from the Department of Conservation are helping fight wildfires across the nation. [Read More]
The Newton County Library is hosting one of its largest book sales to date. [Read More]
A Neosho industry is celebrating a big milestone today. [Read More]
New teachers to the Neosho area are getting a closer look at the town. [Read More]
A Southwest Missouri town has started its own neighborhood watch patrol with the help of the Jasper County Sheriff's Office. [Read More]
A man who has researched several mass murders is in Neosho talking about the Behaviors Teen Killers exhibit. [Read More]
The Neosho School District has been approved for a FEMA shelter within the new Goodman school. [Read More]
The Neosho School District is starting the year with a new superintendent. [Read More]
New teachers to the Carthage area are getting some lessons of their own before school starts. [Read More]
A local woman is has been working on her 7-1 split --- thankfully it's not a difficult stretch. It's bowling and she's been perfecting her... [Read More]
A new four-way stop in front of Pittsburg High School will go into effect next week to increase safety for students and pedestrians. [Read More]
As Harley-Davidson comes upon its 115th birthday this year, the motor company has released a new bike that goes against its traditional style. [Read More]