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The trucks are loaded, the roads are prepped, and the drivers are ready… Now, all we need is the snow. "Once the weather hits the... [Read More]
Steelton Police Chief Anthony Minium tells us former officer Scott Rupert was a friend. They worked together at the Steelton Police Department for well over... [Read More]
Forget spring cleaning… People in Central Pennsylvania have been winter cleaning, which is puzzling, according to Goodwill store managers. "Usually in January's past, we're looking... [Read More]
John and Terri Stoll say they were confident they were doing the right thing when they helped pull a baby buck out of a freezing... [Read More]
If you were at the Carlise- Central Dauphin football game Friday night- you felt it. The love for the game, the love for the teams,... [Read More]
"We'll I've done work in construction before," said Dale Thompkins, who lives on Laurel Road in Chanceford Township, York County. Thank goodness he has. [Read More]
Cracked ceilings and murky, trash filled hallways are just some of the many complaints residents of Bellvue Towers in Harrisburg have about the building. "Then... [Read More]
A York County bar aims to serve the community more than just a cold beer. "I don't know…why do I do it? I love these... [Read More]
The Loose Caboose Campground in Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, is offering free stays to any active service members forced to evacuate due to tropical storm... [Read More]
Six hours at the fair isn't enough to tire out the Hill kids. "What did ya think [of that ride]?" "It was good!" replied seven... [Read More]
This isn't your average party… "We're throwing a python party. We want to encourage everyone to give reptiles a chance," said Jesse Rothacker, president of... [Read More]
"When someone wants to have my help, I would do it. Even if I was having a hard time I would still do it because... [Read More]
The York Fair is in full swing… "It's pretty cool. Not gonna lie, I underestimated the fair," said Fisher Orlando, a fair attendee. Some come... [Read More]
The York Fair is in full swing… "It's pretty cool. Not gonna lie, I underestimated the fair," said Fisher Orlando, a fair attendee. Some come... [Read More]
What looks like a construction zone today, will be a kids — and let's be honest, adults too— wonderland tomorrow. "it's like Mardis Gras. [Read More]
The days of striving to look like your favorite celebrity are over, replaced with none other than...the selfie. "A day doesn`t go by where a... [Read More]
The flood water may be gone, but the devastation it left behind is still very much here. "I feel bad, I don't know. We're in... [Read More]
No rest for road workers this Labor Day. In fact, it's quite the opposite, not only this Labor Day, but this entire summer. "We're still... [Read More]
The battle against drug addiction continues in Pennsylvania, but now, the concern spans beyond anything state officials have dealt with before. "Things are being mixed... [Read More]
Winter, spring, and summer, have all come and gone since the death of Baltimore Police Detective Sean Suiter. And while the last months have been... [Read More]