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Amazon, HBO, and Hulu be damned. Netflix just showed it's still on top. The streaming-video service added nearly 7 million subscribers during the third quarter…... [Read More]
Aggressive. Intrusive. Annoying. Those were some of the words people in the US used to described ads on the internet, according to a new report…... [Read More]
People aren't ready to abandon watching sports on TV, yet. Internet streaming-video services for live sports are biding time, buying up the rights to sports…... [Read More]
Snapchat is still trying to make mobile TV happen. The smartphone app, which began releasing five-minute reality, news, and lifestyle shows last year, launched its…... [Read More]
Amazon is coming for Google's lunch. For years, marketers and industry insiders have heralded Amazon as a burgeoning "third force" in advertising, as former WPP…... [Read More]
In possibly its biggest coup since landing a film from the legendary director Martin Scorsese, Netflix has picked up a movie starring one of Hollywood's…... [Read More]
The tech company appears to be taking the mandate from Jeff Bezos to find its "Game of Thrones" very literally, placing bets all over the fantasy genre. [Read More]
Will Smith finally feels like he can be himself. "This is the first time I've ever been in the world with no agenda," Smith told…... [Read More]
Amazon is working on a new live-streaming video project. The e-commerce giant is searching for an experienced media executive to head up programming for the…... [Read More]
CJ 4DPLEX, the South Korean company behind the 4DX movie format, has developed a new way to enjoy fine cinema: a 270-degree, movie-viewing experience that…... [Read More]
Apple's content arsenal could be a ploy to grow its "TV" app. [Read More]
When you take as many shots as Netflix does, you're bound to get more misses. [Read More]
One of the biggest reasons to cut the cord has little to do with canceling your pay-TV service. It's about untethering yourself from the cable…... [Read More]
Facebook wants to be the new water cooler. The tech company joined the crowded online video sector last year, entrenched with veteran players like Netflix…... [Read More]
Summer at the movies in the US this year was full of the usual popcorn flicks—a dozen or so sequels, shark movies, and animated films—but…... [Read More]
Getting Americans to distrust Google is the GOP's next step ahead of the midterms. [Read More]
The movie-review aggregator is broadening its criteria for critics, to include more diverse voices. [Read More]
Screenwriter John August recently wanted to watch Garry Marshall's 1984 movie The Flamingo Kid. The coming-of-age dramedy starring Matt Dillon wasn't exactly a cornerstone of…... [Read More]
Even cinemas don't make money selling movie tickets. MoviePass needs a side hustle, the way movie theaters have concessions, and Disney has toys and theme... [Read More]
Dogs enjoy watching TV just as humans do. In fact, they like it because their humans do. "Dogs love to watch things," dog behaviorist Cesar…... [Read More]