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Trump's backing is a big win for activists who have been pushing for criminal justice measures to roll back the stiff penalties imposed as a... [Read More]
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President Trump strongly defended his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and said he feels terribly for him. Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault when... [Read More]
The new order would allow the federal government to sanction foreign actors who were caught trying to influence U.S. elections. [Read More]
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National Security Adviser John Bolton says the U.S. will do all that it can to protect American citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court. [Read More]
NPR examined Trump's Twitter feed this summer, which shows a snapshot of a president who attacks black public figures who criticize him, while praising black... [Read More]
NPR examined President Trump's tweets this summer to get a sense of how he talks about African-Americans. This is what we found. [Read More]
The New York Times published an editorial from an unidentified senior administration official who says President Trump's behavior is detrimental to the nation. [Read More]
Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward's new book details a chaotic White House in which officials scheme to protect the nation from a president they sometimes... [Read More]
White House staff concerned about President Trump's leadership have hidden documents from him to prevent him from signing off on certain actions, according to reports... [Read More]
President Trump is attacking his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, calling her a "dog," among other things. The attack comes even as he denies using... [Read More]
President Trump's response to the Charlottesville rally drew sharp criticism from his own party, but the backlash from Republican leaders was short-lived. [Read More]
President Trump weighed in on the legal peril of his former campaign chairman, as the trial of Paul Manafort entered its second day. He also... [Read More]
From the latest GDP numbers, to a detente in the E.U.-U.S. tariff war, to news that North Korea has released possible remains of "DoD personnel,"... [Read More]
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Pompeo will testify Wednesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Russia, North Korea and other issues. [Read More]
President Trump used threatening language against Iran in a tweet, even as his administration juggles foreign policy challenges in North Korea and Russia. [Read More]
Top Trump administration officials publicly diverge from their boss. A new surprise: Trump invites Vladimir Putin to Washington. And Comic-Con in San Diego brings costumes,... [Read More]
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