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The US president told the US network CNBC in an interview that 'I'm read to go to 500'... [Read More]
The UK economy would suffer far more than the EU in the event of a "no deal" Brexit, new research from the International Monetary Fund... [Read More]
Earlier this month the Commission published an analysis suggesting that US car import tariffs would have an initial negative impact on US GDP of $14bn... [Read More]
City of London analysts had expected sales to grow by 0.2 per cent in the month, building on the 1.3 per cent surge in May,... [Read More]
Inflation in June came in well below expectations prompting a steep drop in the pound. [Read More]
The Government's official and independent spending watchdog has confirmed that there will be no "brexit dividend" for the UK, despite the claims of ministers. [Read More]
Average total pay in the three months to May was up 2.5 per cent on a year earlier, the slowest since November 2017... [Read More]
Maury Obstfeld warned that the US President's tariff hostilities were 'the greatest near-term threat to global growth'... [Read More]