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Prominent think tank the IPPR said 97 per cent of current EU employees in UK hospitality industry would be ineligible under new Migration Advisory Committee... [Read More]
Andy Wong/AP Images Trump's 10% tariffs on a further $200 billion of Chinese imports puts the total value of trade affected by Trump... [Read More]
City of London analysts had expected the rate to decline to 2.4 per cent. Instead it jumped to 2.7 per cent... [Read More]
What does this innovation by the Social Metrics Commission measure? And what does it show about UK poverty? [Read More]
Ms Lagarde also sought to scotch the idea, promoted by hardline Brexiteers, that crashing out of the EU next March will be a long-term economic... [Read More]
The Governor suggested that, unlike after the referendum vote, rates may need to rise to curb inflation... [Read More]
The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee said that the signs had come 'most prominently in financial markets of greater uncertainty about future developments in the withdrawal... [Read More]
On 15 September 2008 Lehman Brothers, the giant US investment bank, went bust. [Read More]
The rise in wages will likely reassure the Bank of England its judgement about UK economy – that slack is almost gone and this will... [Read More]
The rise in wages will likely reassure the Bank of England that its key judgement about the UK economy - that slack is almost gone... [Read More]
Over the three months to July the growth rate picked up from 0.4 per cent to 0.6 per cent, the highest since the summer of... [Read More]
The reading for business optimism declined to one of its lowest levels seen since the 2016 EU referendum... [Read More]
On the current trajectory public borrowing would come in at just £24bn in 2018-19, or around 1.3 per cent of GDP... [Read More]
But how did the country get here? Does this mean the country has repaid its debts? And is the economy finally recovering? [Read More]
This is what happens when an economy and a society disintegrates due to economic mismanagement and populist folly... [Read More]
Retail sales grew more rapidly than expected in July, helped by the World Cup and the heatwave and suggesting that the UK consumer remains in... [Read More]
The annual rate of price rises was up from 2.4 per cent in June, with the increase in line expectation from City of London analysts. [Read More]
UK wage growth slowed unexpectedly in June, even as the jobless rate sank to just 4 per cent, official data showed on Monday. [Read More]
In a blog post Mr Musk claimed that his statement had been based on expressions of interest from the Saudis... [Read More]
Analysts said other emerging market economies were in an ominously similar position to Turkey, having borrowed extensively in dollars over the past decade, leaving them... [Read More]