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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 08:12 AM
While the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support the older Qi standard for wireless charging using a pad, both devices are also compatible with longer-range... [Read More]
You have to feel a little sorry for anyone who has been burning the midnight oil working on the iPhone 8/Plus. A new iPhone would... [Read More]
Apple Music subscribers will be able to watch a documentary film about Clive Davis — described by Aretha Franklin as 'the greatest record man of... [Read More]
Researchers at three universities have accused Apple of taking an 'immense risk' with the security of user data thanks to what they say is a poor... [Read More]
While the $999 starting price of the iPhone X may have raised eyebrows in the U.S., import tariffs and different tax treatments will see it... [Read More]
A new Facebook video posted by Chinese Android manufacturer Huawei takes a very unsubtle swipe at the glitch in Apple's demonstration of Face ID on... [Read More]
An estimate of component costs for the iPhone X suggests that, despite the high price, Apple may actually make a smaller profit margin on the... [Read More]
One of the things I like about Apple is the company's strong commitment to privacy. By making its money from hardware and chargeable services, it... [Read More]
Personally, I always buy my iPhones outright, ordering a SIM-free model direct from Apple, but if you prefer to get yours on a monthly payment... [Read More]
Apple covered the sophistication of Face ID in some detail during this week's launch of the iPhone X, showing that it worked with make-up, hairstyle... [Read More]
Twitter users are noting that shipping times for the iPhone 8, which started slipping within a few minutes of pre-orders opening, are now shown as... [Read More]
The notch on the iPhone X has been the subject of a great deal of debate even before the keynote. I intended to round-up a... [Read More]
When the Apple Watch Series 3 was unveiled on Tuesday, all the attention was on the new LTE connectivity added to the latest model. But... [Read More]
Swiss watchmaker Swatch saw its share value fall 4.5% on the day the Apple Watch Series 3 was launched, as Apple announced that its smartwatch... [Read More]
Yesterday's keynote was not without its challenges for Apple. First, thanks to our digging into the leaked code, there were few surprises. Second, there was... [Read More]
Apple had great news for movie lovers yesterday: not only would it be selling 4K movies for the same price as existing HD ones, but... [Read More]
While it had been clear before the launch that Apple was struggling with iPhone X production, with everyone talking about extremely constrained supply, and some... [Read More]
We shared some of our own photos from yesterday's event, and now Apple has put together its own set of shots to give a sense... [Read More]
We've been hearing a few unlikely-sounding whispers about Apple bundling AirPods with the new iPhone X. The arguments against it are obvious. AirPods would represent... [Read More]
Find My iPhone is a great feature to have if you've ever realised you've misplaced your iPhone. You can not only track the device, but... [Read More]