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If you can brave the cold long enough to find a clear patch of night sky, you can watch two bright astronomical phenomena this December:... [Read More]
The ACA marketplace still exists, you can still get subsidized insurance if you make below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and it's always... [Read More]
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Sunscreen isn't just for preventing sunburns. The sun's rays are responsible for much of the wrinkling, thickening, and brownish spots that show up over time,... [Read More]
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The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new policy statement about how to support children and teens who identify as transgender or who fall... [Read More]
The President has the authority to send unblockable text messages to nearly every cell phone in the US, and a test of this system is... [Read More]
Rituals can help us feel more in control of our lives, and more comfortable in situations that would otherwise bother us. One group of researchers... [Read More]
With its latest redesign, Google Fit no longer makes a big deal about your steps for the day (although the number is still there, in... [Read More]
The new $399-and-up Apple Watch will be able to measure the electrical activity of your heart, its groundbreaking ECG or EKG feature. (Both acronyms stand... [Read More]
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