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He says Trump can't do lasting damage to intelligence community or justice system, but is shaking Americans' confidence in institutions created to protect them. [Read More]
An independent congressional candidate's petitions have become the subject of legal scrutiny and a criminal investigation. But her opponents' petitions aren't public because the two... [Read More]
A judge ordered Wednesday that independent congressional candidate Shaun Brown's name not be printed on ballots because of fraudulent signatures on the petitions gathered in... [Read More]
Democrats accuse the Republican congressman's campaign staff of falsifying petition signatures to get an independent on the ballot. [Read More]
Democrats accuse the Republican congressman's campaign staff of falsifying petition signatures to get an independent on the ballot. [Read More]
The backlog of maintenance and repair work has reached a daunting $11 billion. [Read More]
GOP says state election officials admit it didn't count all of Shaun Brown's petitions... [Read More]
State Republicans argue that congressional candidate Shaun Brown has enough valid petitions signature to remain on the Nov. 6 ballot, in part because at least... [Read More]
In new court filing, Democrats say Shaun Brown's listed address is not her residence... [Read More]
Virginia Democrats have enlarged their arguments seeking to remove congressional candidate Shaun Brown from the Nov. 6 ballot, saying in a court filing that all... [Read More]
Almost all of Hampton Roads' congressmen and their November election opponents said last week's conviction of President Donald Trump's former campaign manager and the guilty... [Read More]
Candidate Elaine Luria's TV ad shows her at sea with the Navy, but she's not... [Read More]
It's a striking image: Congressional candidate Elaine Luria on the enclosed bridge of a Navy ship steaming through the open seas. [Read More]
Independent candidate Shaun Brown, who is claiming racial discrimination, wants her lawyer to speak out against the Virginia Democratic Party at a Richmond court hearing... [Read More]
NORFOLK... [Read More]
A second debate in the 2nd Congressional District election has been organized, a spokesman for the Hampton Road Chamber said Thursday. [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor and Democratic challenger Elaine Luria have agreed to an Oct. 30 luncheon debate sponsored by the Central Business District Association in... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor has withdrawn from a planned WHRO-sponsored Oct. 23 debate with Democratic candidate Elaine Luria because he is upset with the station's... [Read More]
Taylor apparently ignored accumulating tax bills sent every three months since last fall for six rental houses, a duplex and a vacant lot in Norfolk... [Read More]
The U.S. Senate approved, 85-10, a $716 billion defense spending bill Monday for fiscal year 2019 that includes a pay raise for sailors and billions... [Read More]