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It's not just for stoners any more. It's medicine. It's a booming business, and will only get bigger. [Read More]
It's not just for stoners any more. It's medicine. [Read More]
He showed he intends to be probably the most hands-on, personally involved chief executive Florida has seen in a half-century. [Read More]
Lawrence sees much still to be done, in a state with a quarter-million children still lacking health insurance. [Read More]
If a ballplayer batted .500, it would be stupendous. [Read More]
As everyone knows, if you have to explain a joke, don't bother. They won't laugh. [Read More]
We have reached that very brief period in the campaign season when everybody tries to read into deep inner meanings and tell-tale symbolism. [Read More]
State GOP Chairman Blaise Ingoglia, a state legislator from Spring Hill, said he welcomes Democratic efforts to hang Trump around DeSantis' neck like an albatross. [Read More]
GIllum has called for Trump's impeachment. The President tweets Gillum is not what Florida wants or needs... [Read More]
Maybe the CRC itself should have something to lose if the high court says those 37 commissioners got it wrong. [Read More]
Probably no president has involved himself in mid-term elections as much as Donald Trump has plunged into the current campaigns. [Read More]
It was surprising to see some readers scolding the Democrat for not joining the show of support for our trade. [Read More]
Florida's Constitution Revision Commission got a bit overly romantic in betrothing some of its proposals for a statewide referendum next November. [Read More]
Hey, here's an idea — what do we need with school boards in every county, anyway? [Read More]
Covering up government mistakes or sparing public officials some discomfort is not a good enough excuse. [Read More]
It's rare to see what President Trump is doing in our Republican races for governor and the U.S. Senate. [Read More]
Rick Wilson is a very funny writer, but the message of new book will not leave Republicans laughing. [Read More]
Normally, the courts or some regulatory agency shouldn't be used to accomplish what you can't get through the political process. [Read More]
It would probably be a good idea for one or more candidates for governor to promise that, if elected, he or she will move concealed-weapon... [Read More]
If you were running for office in Florida this summer, would you want the National Rifle Association's political endorsement? [Read More]