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The church doors were unlocked and the lights were turned on that warm Thursday evening in April of 1968, so of course the Poteat family... [Read More]
The church doors were unlocked and the lights were turned on that warm Thursday evening in April of 1968, so of course the Poteat family... [Read More]
Some things, you never forget.The first girl I ever kissed -- Susan Bloodworth, June, 1972, parking lot of the Village Inn Pizza in Morganton.Atlanta Braves... [Read More]
Although I hiked to its 981-foot-tall summit on Wednesday, Jan. 9, I had never heard of the small peak named Nanny's Mountain until Tuesday morning.Researching... [Read More]
My hectoring boss, Gazette Managing Editor Kevin Ellis, may need to have me outfitted with an ankle bracelet -- the type worn by folks under... [Read More]
This series of columns is about great places to walk and enjoy the outdoors in Gaston County, and today's installment will be no exception.But, it... [Read More]
Cherryville's Jane Hancock carries herself with a dignity and grace befitting an American first lady or perhaps an English prime minister.Despite her regal bearing, however, neither... [Read More]
As summer slowly slips toward autumn in the western piedmont of North Carolina, a journey of mythical proportions is silently taking place above our heads.As... [Read More]
Elaine Lyerly, president and CEO of one of the most respected brand marketing and public relations agencies in the Southeast, is passionate about many things... [Read More]
As Earl Weaver, or maybe it was Yogi Berra, once said, "Hope springs eternal in the human breast."However, for longtime fans of the Atlanta Braves,... [Read More]
The Warlick Family YMCA, which opened late last year, offers its members a host of amenities including two large indoor pools, a plethora of different... [Read More]
Is there a legal "mistake" in your past that is holding you back from getting the job you want or the house you need? A... [Read More]
Tuesday, Sept. 4, was not marked in red or circled with stars on my calendar, but it definitely should have been.Why? Because Tuesday, Sept. 4,... [Read More]
As Montcross Chamber President Ted Hall noted at the end of the "Get Ready Gaston" forum, "a lot of information was provided and a lot... [Read More]
Without realizing that he was doing so, a 60-year-old homeless man recently pointed out some failings of the health care system in America today.The man,... [Read More]
EDITOR's NOTE: The following column by Bill Poteat is the first in a series which will run each Saturday through the end of October and... [Read More]
The River District, slated to be the largest, mixed use community in the history of Charlotte, will have an impact on Gaston County if for... [Read More]
Gaston County commuters who daily make the white-knuckle journey across the narrow, four-lane bridge on U.S. 74 into Mecklenburg County are happier knowing that the... [Read More]
During the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War, 58,220 Americans died in the conflict.In 2017, 72,000 Americans died as a result of drug overdoses,... [Read More]
Charlotte Douglas International Airport is, and will continue to be, a primary engine driving the economy not just of Charlotte but of the entire region,... [Read More]