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Entire computer industry collectively freak out over Meltdown and Spectre chip flaw, H/P issues recall over battery problems, music man Jimmy Iovine will leave Apple... [Read More]
AT&T promises great things from their upcoming 5G cell system makeover, Nintendo Switch sales set a record, we preview CES 2018 hot topics. [Read More] offers $29 battery swap kits for Apple iPhone 4 and 5 models, LG's giant 8K window on the world, camera 'metalens' breakthrough from Harvard... [Read More]
Samsung Galaxy S9 turns up in an FCC database, Kickstarter battery campaign claims graphene makes all the difference, Apple Lisa OS source code is found,... [Read More]
Apple's not so great Christmas break, wireless charging system's reach grows with FCC nod, SpaceX launch is a traffic-crashing spectacle. [Read More]
Google/Alphabet chairman moves to an advisory role, Legend of Zelda runs out of Breath, new pictures of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone surfaces. [Read More]
Apple says iPhones do slow down, but for a good reason, company wants you to 3D print your medications, Elon Musk spools up the Falcon... [Read More]
Magic Leap unveils an advanced AR headset, Apple actually has been dialing back performance on older iPhones - for a reason, and future Apple apps... [Read More]
Samsung may be rethinking the Galaxy S9 smartphone, Blink and see who's at the door, NYT says US government UFO program was the real deal,... [Read More]
The Google Home MAX is appropriately named, we upgrade a whole house with modern A/V tech, Ohio 9-year-old does the hard (and right) thing and... [Read More]
Apple, Amazon and Google shake hands (for now) over streaming video issues, Facebook looks in the social media mirror, and some obscure sci-fi movie apparently... [Read More]
Disney scoops up most of the best Fox entertainment franchises, so long Net Neutrality, and Atari puts a last-second hold on Ataribox retro gaming console... [Read More]
The hit Nintendo Switch racks up big sales numbers, the spendy Apple iMac Pro makes its debut on Thursday, and an ET-hunting group is going... [Read More]
Researcher finds suspect keylogging code on HP laptops, Bitcoin website and app confusion hits Apple App Store, team crashes drones for a good reason. [Read More]
The next Apple iPhone X model may grow a bit, airlines move to regulate "smart" luggage for safety, Qualcomm takes the wraps of the new... [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly gets pumped full of tech goodness, Google and Amazon get tangled up over YouTube, and we can only imagine how... [Read More]
Honor 7X Android smartphone has the goods at a budget price, 3D printing the inner parts of the human ear, Swytch ebike kits fits pretty... [Read More]
Facebook tries hard to convince parents to use new Messenger Kids app, your cell phone may be your next PC, the text message turns 25. [Read More]
Vine's creator says he's got a new video app in the works, a huge Tesla battery powers up South Australia, GM focuses on a electrified... [Read More]
A smart watchband brings more heart smarts to the Apple Watch, a new ZTE phone doubles up the screen space, plus an insane wingsuit stunt. [Read More]