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Incredulity: unwilling or unable to believe something. Saying the results of their study are "implausible" and should be "viewed with appropriate skepticism," researchers are in... [Read More]
So many thoughts and emotions running through my head as I read Karen Wilder's emotional statement released to ABC News about the ordeal of caring... [Read More]
He's boastful.  He's brash.  I get the idea he is his own hero.  He Twitters in knee-jerk fashion when unfairly criticized in social media (two... [Read More]
According to modern medicine, vitamin therapy is hocus pocus.  It relies on a mixture of voodoo plus the placebo effect.  A report published in the... [Read More]
Note: This authoritative report is lengthy due to requisite need to present convincing information to the medical profession and other demanding readers.  However, the first... [Read More]
A newly issued guideline by the American Heart Association that categorizes adults with blood pressure of 130/80 as hypertensive (high blood pressure) compared to the... [Read More]
I've often wondered, if I were asked to deliver a graduation speech to high school students today, what I would say to them? The first... [Read More]
Prologue to article SOLVING THE THYROID PUZZLE (Knowledge of Health):  the state of modern thyroid hormone therapy should be an embarrassment to modern medicine. Fraught... [Read More]
Sensationalized news reports about theoretical radiation health hazards posed by electronic devices like cell phones, computer monitors and electric power lines often alarm the public... [Read More]
No, the substance of this report doesn't emanate from Harvard Medical School and is being ignored and will predictably be dismissed by uninformed physicians whose... [Read More]
In case you missed it, here is the scoop on the end of the world, scheduled for September 23rd, 2017. A particular configuration of constellations... [Read More]
an internally made enzymatic antioxidant and ALS.  When the human body is biologically stressed SOD-1 is produced from copper-zinc precursors.  Somehow in the development of... [Read More]
There is such a thing as a mental depression diet.  It's called the American diet.  In response, physicians hand out anti-depressant pills making patients dependent... [Read More]
In striking contrasts, a university-based team just announced it has developed a five-dollar treatment that completely abolishes cancer in the same week news headlines hailed... [Read More]
If you think cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are an affront to your intelligence because they were approved on the false promise they save lives yet have... [Read More]
A recently published report cites the fact that ~35% of people born 1965-1996 and now living in developed countries spend at least 9 hours a... [Read More]
Rather than the National Institutes of Health designating public funds to further research towards development of an anti-aging pill, a key group of billionaire oligarchs... [Read More]
All the agony for only imagined ecstasy.  Men being shut out of bedroom activity like they have fleas – it's a growing epidemic in America.... [Read More]
Due to a long-ignored gene mutation, public health authorities worldwide continue to game modern society, leaving 7+ billion humans in a chronic state of vitamin... [Read More]
For decades now researchers have been saying what they are learning from young children with a gene mutation that results in premature aging and a... [Read More]