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Rather than the National Institutes of Health designating public funds to further research towards development of an anti-aging pill, a key group of billionaire oligarchs... [Read More]
All the agony for only imagined ecstasy.  Men being shut out of bedroom activity like they have fleas – it's a growing epidemic in America.... [Read More]
Due to a long-ignored gene mutation, public health authorities worldwide continue to game modern society, leaving 7+ billion humans in a chronic state of vitamin... [Read More]
For decades now researchers have been saying what they are learning from young children with a gene mutation that results in premature aging and a... [Read More]
Over a decade ago I wrote an article at entitled Can Humans Live Longer?  The Missing Anti-Aging Hormone. I explained the biological predicament of... [Read More]
What we now observe is a blistering condemnation of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs coming out of news sources in Great Britain with absolute silence on the... [Read More]
If you are the primary wage earner in the middle of a divorce, you are likely the victim of a hidden trap that you may... [Read More]
a burden that usually falls on the child in American families. This... [Read More]
Aspirin kills.  That is the news headline blasted around the world this week.  [Daily Mail June 14, 2017]  This fact was already known but it... [Read More]
A common problem with modern cancer treatment is that even if 100% of cancer cells are eradicated at tumor sites and in the blood circulation,... [Read More]
Immunologists and public health authorities are going to have to re-think the idea of mass flu vaccination in a growing population of obese Americans.  A... [Read More]
Modern medicine has done it again.  Long-term use of drugs called bisphosphanates designed to prevent bone loss with advancing age have now been associated with... [Read More]
A lot of thoughts running through my mind today………. After reading Charles Hugh Smith's stratagem that reveals only those who are recipients of interest payments... [Read More]
PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT: Drugs approved by the FDA are tested against biologically inactive placebo pills and may not be as safe as other existing drugs for... [Read More]
The first study comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children has been published.  Mothers of home-schooled children were surveyed.  A population of 405 vaccinated... [Read More]
One of the challenges in doing business in America today is how to navigate a marketplace that is controlled by oligarchs and government and news... [Read More]
I don't know how many news reports entitled "the two faces of Trump" or "Two-faced Trump" have been written since his election as President of... [Read More]
What the vaccine industry is hiding is a horror story beyond any one's imagination.  In 1993 the deaths of 93,000 elderly Americans vaccinated with a... [Read More]
As with all issues in life, if you ask the right questions you are more likely to come up with relevant answers.  When it comes... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton: You don't see any photo ops with her holding an infant because she would drop the baby. Hillary Clinton is a known factor:... [Read More]