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Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. So goes the saying. And yet despite that, the idea of the necessity of taxation is... [Read More]
In yet another move to crack down on fun public health hazards, the French government reached an agreement with the parliament for a new tax... [Read More]
The European Union has finally put an end to nearly 50-years of quotas on sugar prices. Despite the seemingly good news, the measure is overshadowed... [Read More]
The mindset that now opposes Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb would have prevented the commercialization of the printing press, and would, therefore, threatened the existence of... [Read More]
Her candidacy might have lost but her ideas are becoming France's mainstream. [Read More]
Congress is fully concentrated on the issue of tax reform, with current plans suggesting a dramatic change to deductions for advertising costs. This would mean... [Read More]
In his 2016 book Révolution, Macron explains that "it is senseless to systematically repress the consumption of marijuana," and that "a system of classifying by misdemeanors... [Read More]
In an era of cheap aviation, the U.S. should support competitive and innovative markets, not dwell in the nostalgia of past technological achievements. American companies... [Read More]
There is also a consistent lack of criticism towards the independence movements in both Scotland and Catalonia. It seems odd that after the harsh criticism at the... [Read More]
The future of Poland's position in the European Union remains uncertain. [Read More]
Poland's Law and Justice party has made international headlines due to its radical reform policy regarding the country's judiciary system. These reforms are problematic, but they... [Read More]
The infamous 'Brexit divorce bill' has caused considerable outrage in the British public, as the French negotiator demands a full £90 million ($117 million) in... [Read More]
The city of New York decided recently to increase the price of a pack of cigarettes to $13, making it one of the most expensive... [Read More]
Once again, Frédéric Bastiat's Seen and the Unseen is more opportune than ever. The health czars who advocate for "public health measures" might have perfectly well-meaning intentions. But the... [Read More]
Be upset if Donald Trump insults journalists. Be horrified when Macron's ministers start to sue them. ... [Read More]
He began by antagonizing Donald Trump. Now his own people are rolling their eyes at him. [Read More]
National socialism's ideological influence is still very much lurking in Europe, waiting for fertile grounds to re-emerge. Slovakia, in particular is a frightening example of... [Read More]
After Iceland was hit by the 2008 financial crisis, the government vowed to diversify the local economy by looking beyond the European continent when it... [Read More]
Whenever France is back in the news, it's usually a story about yet another ludicrous ban. Now, without consulting the actual community beforehand, the French... [Read More]
Despite his popularity with US liberals, many French are not terribly impressed. [Read More]