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Some big U.S. companies are giving guidance for 2019 that meets or beats expectations... [Read More]
Trade talk rumors are boosting an already healthy rally but the bad news may be that the markets are pricing in a favorable trade deal. [Read More]
Earnings have reset lower but are still seen growing in the mid-single digits for 2019, and recession fears have eased. [Read More]
Fear about the government shutdown, the tariff war and the slowdown in China are all still around, but now investors are also afraid of missing... [Read More]
Bogle's central insight was that money managers were almost never worth their high fees. [Read More]
A new report about markets says cybersecurity presents the most important near-term threat to financial stability. [Read More]
The crisis profoundly affected stock trading, hurting some trading businesses while dramatically helping others. It accelerated some trends and stopped others in their tracks. [Read More]
The government's refusal to bail out Lehman Brothers precipitated a crisis that not only changed the U.S. economy, it blew apart much of the Street's... [Read More]
MSCI initiates the second leg of its multiyear plan to incorporate China mainland stocks into its global stock indexing system. [Read More]
The good news is the value of retirement funds has risen as the market has soared. But the results are still well short of the... [Read More]
Several strategists have been pointing to the underperformance of the rest of the world's economies against the United States as a source of worry. [Read More]
Stock pickers are not only not winning, they are losing ground against their passive brethren. [Read More]
The latest rejection involves two ETFs filed by ProShares that that would track bitcoin futures contracts, another from GraniteShares, and five leveraged and inverse ETFs... [Read More]
On August 22, the bull market turns 3,453 days old, putting it one day beyond the bull market that ran from October 1990 and ended... [Read More]
The Shanghai exchange is down 25 percent from the late January high, but that doesn't mean there has been a dramatic deterioration in the Chinese... [Read More]
Will there be a summer swoon, or a rocket rally? Markets are wound tight, despite a typical seasonal slowdown. [Read More]
The amount of money needed seems daunting. Some 170 million shares times $420 amounts to $71.4 billion. It would be the largest take-private transaction in... [Read More]
The S&P 500 has moved nearly 2 percent in the last three trading sessions and is now 20 points (less than one percent) from passing... [Read More]
Investors were excited about Apple hitting a $1 trillion market value, but it's unlikely to result in the one thing the trading community really wants:... [Read More]
Halfway through the year, ETF investment flows have been strong. But not like last year... [Read More]