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President Trump hasn't been pleased with Palestinian demands to resolve the Middle East conflict only the way they want, with the land they want, the... [Read More]
California has filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court complaining that it cannot adequately promote abortion services without the help of a tiny number of pro-life... [Read More]
Hundreds of students across America skipped class to demand that gun laws be changed to prevent school shootings like last week's tragedy in Florida that... [Read More]
It's not something that gets a lot of attention, but there are ALPRs all over the place. The automated license plate readers are technology systems that... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's emails, those Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation, the details on how a Russian company gained access to U.S. uranium assets – all... [Read More]
Has Iran taken on a fight that it can never win? Evidence suggests that might be the case, as the internationally renowned American Center for... [Read More]
All Hermine Ricketts and husband Tom Carroll want to do is raise a few vegetables for their dinner table, just as they've done for nearly... [Read More]
There is an abundance of public-private partnerships these days. For years, private contractors have provided visitors various services in the nation's parks and monuments. There... [Read More]
One of the primary objectives of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016, including last week's indictment of 13 Russians, is to... [Read More]
A prominent computer hacker who claimed earlier that it was a Democratic National Committee insider who took DNC emails during the 2016 presidential race, emails... [Read More]
When archaeologists first found remnants of a long-lost town, Shivta, in southern Israel's Negev Desert, they believed it showed signs of Muslim tolerance of Christians during... [Read More]
Another magistrate has been punished for resisting the tidal wave of "gay" advances in Western nations. According to the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom, Richard Page... [Read More]
More than 23,000 people already have signed a petition urging a British prison to restore a Christian volunteer chaplain who was banned by a Muslim prison official... [Read More]
The United States and Russia both have confirmed they are in compliance with the New START treaty. The Federation of American Scientists applauded the achievement as... [Read More]
An LGBT activist group claims that when Congress adopted Title IX in 1972, banning sex discrimination in schools, lawmakers had in mind that boys who believe they are... [Read More]
A school district in Kentucky is being accused of altering evidence to prevent a Christian childrens' club from meeting in school facilities like other organizations.... [Read More]
A judge in New York has reached the startling conclusion, startling because it upends years of precedent, that an embedded image of a social media... [Read More]
A lawsuit has been filed by parents of Hartford, Connecticut, school children charging it's unfair to limit the black and Hispanic enrollment of much-desired magnet schools... [Read More]
Personal details that a Playstation 4 system might reveal about its owner have been delivered by Sony to federal authorities investigating claims that a Kansas resident tried to go... [Read More]
In ordinary circumstances when a defendant pleads guilty to a charge, the prosecutor's work largely is done, except for making a sentencing recommendation. But apparently... [Read More]