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Bill Cosby will walk into a Pennsylvania courthouse Monday and face the judge who has presided over the world-famous comedian's sexual assault case for nearly... [Read More]
A standoff is heating up between the Trump administration and local leaders who are trying to open facilities where people can use opioids under the... [Read More]
Ryen Aleman tells NPR how he and another gamer hid in a restroom to avoid the shooter. As the two huddled in a stall, they... [Read More]
A federal judge in Washington has struck down keys parts of President Trump's executive orders that would have made it easier to fire federal employees.... [Read More]
Department of Homeland Security emails show Trump officials portrayed war-torn countries as safer than they are to justify ending temporary protective status for their citizens... [Read More]
Hurricane Lane, now downgraded to a tropical storm, is expected to continue to dump heavy rain in Hawaii on Saturday, as officials warn of flash... [Read More]
Before ending temporary protected status for immigrants whose home countries suffer from war or disasters, officials tried to show the countries were getting safer, even... [Read More]
Professor Adam Pratt says removing the names following Pennsylvania's report on clergy sex abuse is "part of a healing process ... that we need to... [Read More]
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Leading 3D printing companies are trying to get ahead of the issue of 3D gun blueprints. Some companies are using gun-blocking software to deter people... [Read More]
Philadelphia is ending a controversial data-sharing contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a move seen as a major accomplishment for immigration rights activists who are... [Read More]
A pair of 39-year-old Philadelphia men who spent most of their adult lives imprisoned after police falsely accused them of murder in the mid-1990s have... [Read More]
Amid the opioid crisis, a race is underway among more than a dozen cities from San Francisco to New York City to try to open... [Read More]
Prosecutors in 20 states are using old laws to file homicide charges to hold family and friends accountable in opioid-related deaths. The penalty is steep... [Read More]
Annapolis is still coming to terms after the attack on their local newspaper. [Read More]
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is suing the Donald J. Trump Foundation and its board of directors, which include the president and three of... [Read More]
A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has upheld the policy of a Berks County school allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. [Read More]
Personal injury law firms are targeting people as they enter emergency rooms with location-based mobile ads. The trend is raising concerns among patients and health... [Read More]
Bill Cosby's wife says the 80-year-old comedian was the victim of "lynch mobs," and that her husband's conviction on sexual assault charges was the result... [Read More]
Jurors listened to more than two weeks of testimony from 25 witnesses, including five women who had never before confronted Cosby in a criminal courtroom. [Read More]