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There is a nasty rumor going around town that must be cleared up immediately. Perhaps you've heard it! Perhaps you haven't! The point is, it's... [Read More]
Demi Lovato is currently receiving treatment at a facility "renowned for its addiction programs," and according to TMZ, Wilmer Valderrama has "put everything on hold"... [Read More]
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Cher is in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again for all of 10 minutes, but her forthcoming album of ABBA covers may prove to be... [Read More]
There's another royal wedding in the works across the pond, but Britons won't be coming together one Saturday afternoon to watch it together, because it's... [Read More]
Julie Suzanne Chen, TV host and journalist who has gone by "Julie Chen" for the entirety of her career, signed off from last night's episode... [Read More]
Here's one of those big tentpole films whose marketing begins so far in advance of release that you feel like you've already seen it twice... [Read More]
I know that headlines have been resembling Mad Libs for the past two years or so, but one I saw on TMZ early Monday morning... [Read More]
The hosts of Who? Weekly make the call. [Read More]
Here's a nice shot of happiness that I would recommend injecting directly into your heart if that were possible and also not dangerous. During an... [Read More]
According to a report by TMZ, Nicki Minaj has yet to pay actor Geoffrey Owens a penny of the $25,000 she pledged to donate after... [Read More]
If you're famous, you can pretty much snap your fingers and meet another famous person. [Read More]
In an Instagram post published Wednesday night, Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of her from the set of The Parent Trap alongside a lengthy caption... [Read More]
Some people call Drew Scott the "hot Property Brother." Other people call Jonathan Scott the "hot Property Brother." The show's biggest fans think they're equally... [Read More]
Every time I think I'm done thinking about Duchess Meghan's extended family, they go and do something I can't turn away from. These people—Meghan's half-sister... [Read More]
Even though Luca Guadagnino's film adaptation of André Aciman's novel Call Me By Your Name was sort of a flop, there have been rumblings about... [Read More]
Picture it: you're trying to relax in your home—that you legally reside in either by renting or purchase—when three strangers with guns break the front... [Read More]
Here's a fun Friday story: Fern Mallis, the fashion industry icon who founded New York Fashion Week in 1993 (it was called 7th on Sixth... [Read More]
In a bit of reporting that could be described as both a "bombshell" and "totally fucking obvious to anyone who was paying attention," HuffPo revealed... [Read More]
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