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The next version of the Oculus Home app will introduce a method of listing software bought on Steam in the user's library, with a preview... [Read More]
For the first time, Microsoft is allowing Insider program members to skip ahead a version of Windows 10, and begin testing Redstone 4 ahead of... [Read More]
When BioWare sat down to decide how to promote Anthem, its upcoming sci-fi RPG, there was really only one obvious choice — a sprawling, themed... [Read More]
There is a shot of history in every bottle - local history that is. "This is something I dreamed about doing ever since I was... [Read More]
Microsoft submitted a patent application for a piece of hardware that would allow older laptops and tablets that lack LTE capabilities to connect to the... [Read More]
As AMC's adaptation of cult comic book series Preacher reaches the halfway point of its second season, there is a new trailer that introduces another... [Read More]
MGM's new Stargate streaming service is set to give fans the best of old and new, offering up hundreds of classic episodes, as well as... [Read More]
A district judge has issued a temporary injunction against ordinance that required augmented reality app developers to apply for a permit in order for players... [Read More]
MGM's new Stargate streaming service is set to give fans the best of old and new, offering up hundreds of classic episodes, as well as... [Read More]
Lenovo is making a big play for a spot at the augmented reality table, showing off a new headset dubbed the daystAR and detailing a... [Read More]
The Destiny 2 beta has only been available for a matter of hours, but already players have discovered a way to explore a Lost Sector... [Read More]
Later this summer, password management service LastPass will introduce new functionality that aims to help families share accounts for sites and services without sacrificing their... [Read More]
Multiple Amazon customers have reportedly received fake Ryzen processors, even though they purchased the components directly from the site, rather than through a third-party seller. [Read More]
MLB is considering whether to pursue legal action against Activision Blizzard as a result of the perceived similarity between its logo and the one being... [Read More]
The latest information released by the team behind the Ataribox console confirms two different hardware designs, as well as the system's capacity to run new... [Read More]
Martin Landau, best known for his roles in movies like North by Northwest and Ed Wood, as well as television series like Mission: Impossible, died... [Read More]
Nominations for the 2017 Emmy awards are out, and a variety of different virtual reality projects have made the cut, ranging from a Simpsons couch... [Read More]
Japanese Pokémon Go players will soon be able to wear the Pokémon Go Plus device like a ring, thanks to a new adapter that's set... [Read More]
When Apple's ARKit launches alongside iOS 11, expect to see a huge uptick in the amount of augmented reality experiences, and a big upgrade to... [Read More]
Peter Serafinowicz dons the iconic blue, barrel-chested suit in the new trailer for Amazon Studios' adaptation of The Tick, which is scheduled to hit the... [Read More]