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Anyone with a MacBook Pro system affected by the Staingate controversy will have a little while longer to secure a replacement laptop, thanks to an... [Read More]
Pixar fans looking to get a sneak peek at the studio's latest movie can enter the land of the dead for themselves thanks to Coco... [Read More]
Some scientists say solar geoengineering to inject aerosols into Earth's atmosphere is a good idea, but not everyone agrees. [Read More]
Early leaked benchmarks suggest that the upcoming range of Windows 10 laptops that utilize Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor might suffer from seriously underwhelming performance. [Read More]
The new planet is 11 lightyears away, but getting closer. [Read More]
While it has become the taste of Christmas, the sweet treats turned out by the Piedmont Candy Company keeps people smiling year-round. To be ready... [Read More]
IBM has announced a range of enhancements to its IBM Q platform, which will soon offer users access to a 20-qubit quantum processor with which... [Read More]
Last night, residents of the city of Fort Collins in Colorado approved a proposal for a city-run broadband utility, despite a $451,564 opposition campaign that... [Read More]
MythBusters host Jamie Hyneman has taken to Indiegogo to fund Vortrex VR footwear, which provides a more natural way of moving around while you're wearing... [Read More]
Market is a busy time for the folks at Fairfield Chair Company in Lenior as they are showing off the latest styles. They combine traditional... [Read More]
The Raspberry Pi started off as a side project, but it's grown into a global organization that makes the computer industry more welcoming. [Read More]
Seagate and Western Digital are locked in an endless battle for supremacy over hard drive capacity, with the former company now predicting that 20TB drives... [Read More]
A new project from Logitech, the Logitech Bridge, will make it easy for developers to accurately represent and track a user's keyboard in a virtual... [Read More]
Bitcoin has been bullish throughout 2017, but it's now broken yet another record, going beyond the $7,000 barrier and contributing to a never-before-seen cryptocurrency market... [Read More]
Professional Starcraft player Song Byung-gu recently defeated four different bots trained to play the game, taking less than half an hour to secure victory in... [Read More]
Testing of the high-speed transport system could follow in 2021, but no word yet on the location of the first route. [Read More]
Apple confirmed that the Mac Mini from 2011 and two iMacs from 2009 will no longer receive hardware service, alongside word that "staingate" returns on... [Read More]
Microsoft has announced some big changes set to affect users, as the features offered via the service's Premium subscription are set to be folded... [Read More]
It's been confirmed that a hundred boxes of documents from the early history of Hewlett-Packard have been destroyed in this month s spate of wildfires... [Read More]
Reuters Researchers discovered a mechanism in RNA molecules that causes cells to commit suicide, and they think it could be used to treat... [Read More]