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A new study produced an antibody that's able to kill off 99% of HIV strains and is said to be better than any known naturally... [Read More]
We've compiled a list of the best Chromebooks, systems that combine great battery life, comfortable keyboards, and the performance it takes to run Google's lightweight... [Read More]
Mojang has unleashed the Better Together update for Minecraft across the Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile devices — but it's not going to be... [Read More]
The U.S. Navy will replace its current $38,000 periscope control system for off-the-shelf Xbox 360 controllers, following two years of tests to see if the... [Read More]
Stanley Chou / Stringer / Getty Images Japan has risen above the U.S. in the worldwide rankings for the largest bitcoinexchange market. The country now... [Read More]
Google issued a new update for the Mac version of its Backup and Sync app that introduces Apple File System support, which could indicate that... [Read More]
Panos Panay has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at Microsoft's Future Decoded conference, prompting speculation that the event might see the reveal of a... [Read More]
Microsoft already gives Surface Laptop owners the chance to upgrade their system from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro free of charge, but there... [Read More]
Valve released the results of its Steam Hardware Survey for August, which reveal that Oculus' Summer of Rift promotion managed to chip away at the... [Read More]
The look is cutting-edge - something found in high-end design houses around the world. But, it all starts in Kernersville. EFI Custom fabricates glass and... [Read More]
Russia has made no secret of its intention to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to the blockchain. [Read More]
The Smell of Data provides a novel way for users to keep track of threats to their online security, emitting a puff of a specially... [Read More]
The president of the International Olympic Committee has indicated that video games chosen for potential esports events at the 2024 summer games would be held... [Read More]
Nintendo has announced plans to broadcast a Nindies Summer Showcase on August 30, which will show off some of the upcoming titles from independent developers... [Read More]
U.K. residents who get their internet via Virgin Fibre will be rewarded with an exclusive Sparrow vehicle decked out in the company's colors when Destiny... [Read More]
Asus' new virtual reality headset, developed in collaboration with Microsoft as part of its Windows Mixed Reality program, is light, comfortable, and can be set... [Read More]
Oshi Agabi unveiled the Koniku Kore at the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania, detailing how the device uses mouse neurons in conjunction with a silicon chip... [Read More]
While it seems simple, it takes a lot of skill to create — and they are a big hit with the hairiest member of the... [Read More]
AMD is reportedly suffering from some manufacturing issues pertaining to its Radeon RX Vega series of graphics cards, and the situation may make the GPUs... [Read More]
Brad Jones... [Read More]