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What the soldiers may not know is the hand they're shaking was the one flying some of the major commanders in Vietnam. [Read More]
Colorado Springs' growth is among the top priorities for the four candidates vying to be the city's mayor. [Read More]
Four-wheel drive vehicles are serving useful for drivers for the second week in a row for Southern Colorado. [Read More]
The Mesa County Coroner's office identifies the man killed by a train under the 32 Rd. overpass in Clifton Monday night. [Read More]
A man was hit by a car on westbound north avenue in the intersection of 28 1/2 Rd. at around 8:30 Monday night. [Read More]
The District 51 School Board nominates three people as finalists to fill in as interim superintendent for the rest of the school year. [Read More]
Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission Ajit Pai discussed the future of virtual and telemedicine health care with staff at St. Mary's Medical Center Tuesday... [Read More]
Fair Maps Colorado, a campaign advocating for amendments Y and Z to pass in the November 2018 election, began its statewide campaign in Grand Junction... [Read More]
A measure that would raise taxes for preschool through 12th grade public school funding in Colorado is been certified for the November ballot. [Read More]
Club 20 will not allow a stand-in for Jared Polis after the democratic gubernatorial candidate says he can not attend the organization's fall debate due... [Read More]
In addition to the governor's office, ballot measures and legislative offices, Colorado voters will also be voting for Colorado's next Attorney General. [Read More]
The mid-term elections are far from boring in Colorado with voters deciding the next Governor, Ballot Measures and, among other things, the next Attorney General. [Read More]
Democrat Jared Polis will be the first Colorado Governor candidate to turn down Club 20's fall debate in the over 30 years the organization has... [Read More]
One child and two adults were pulled from the Grand Valley Canal Thursday evening. [Read More]
Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, Walker Stapleton, visits the Grand Valley Wednesday as part of a Western Slope tour. [Read More]
The Buttermilk Fire has burned around 100 acres in a national wilderness area near the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. [Read More]
The SWAT Team responds to a man barricaded in his home Wednesday morning that led to a over five-hour standoff. [Read More]
The Lake Christine has flares up on Wednesday because of high winds, hot temperatures and drones flying in the air. [Read More]
A power outage in central Grand Junction hits over 800 homes and one local television news station Wednesday Night. [Read More]
A much-contested race in the primary election for Colorado Governor ends in two party primaries that were not nearly as much. [Read More]