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Evidently, the planet is now safe from nuclear holocaust. Just a few short weeks ago, the world as we know it was on the brink... [Read More]
By now virtually everyone with any political interest – aka us – have seen the heated exchange between Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller and... [Read More]
Well, it seems that the question of whether to keep Obamacare has been decided for us. The fight appears to be nearly over. Clearly we,... [Read More]
For the past few days I've seen many articles asking, "What would Reagan do about Obamacare?" It seems the discussion's genesis was an article written... [Read More]
There are two ways to develop a monopoly in America. One way is based upon capitalism, freedom and the free market. This is the more... [Read More]
There are things throughout history that one can point to and say, "That changed everything." Things like electricity, indoor plumbing and gunpowder. Then there are... [Read More]
The music on David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" reboot has been stellar, but we can't help wishing more homegrown talent would show up at the Bang... [Read More]
Last week, the International Business Times wrote that the Koch brothers – yes the evil Koch brothers – "Want a New Constitution – And They're... [Read More]
Leftist global-warming nuts are angry that someone else is daring to compete with them at their own propaganda game. It's just not fair, say the... [Read More]
Recall the nationwide outrage of American football fans and patriots alike when then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during a pre-game national... [Read More]
Memorial Day has come and gone. I hope you all sought out the family of one of our fallen heroes or at least said a... [Read More]
Democrats have always been the party of early voting. That's fitting, considering early voting is a joke, just like the Democratic Party. But now, thanks... [Read More]
One of the busiest days in motorsports has arrived. [Read More]
The Latest on motorsport's busiest day (all times local): 1:10 p.m. Pole sitter Scott Dixon has been involved in a terrifying wreck and is out... [Read More]
El piloto español Fernando Alonso camina antes de una sesión de práctica de las 500 millas de Indianápolis el viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017,... [Read More]
Matheus Leist led every lap after starting on the pole to win the Indy Lights race during Carb Day festivities leading up to the 101st... [Read More]
On April 24, 2017, the city of New Orleans, the Chocolate City, began removing monuments and statues honoring the Confederacy. As an aside, and lest... [Read More]
I always believed that being a liberal was the easiest thing on earth – that it takes virtually no thought at all. Apparently, I was... [Read More]
Racing fans have been enjoying the many improvement at Indianapolis Motor Speedway all week ahead of the IndyCar Grand Prix Saturday. [Read More]
Liberals hate to lose. Heck, we all hate to lose. But leftists are different. They not only hate to lose, but can't, or won't, accept... [Read More]