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On April 24, 2017, the city of New Orleans, the Chocolate City, began removing monuments and statues honoring the Confederacy. As an aside, and lest... [Read More]
I always believed that being a liberal was the easiest thing on earth – that it takes virtually no thought at all. Apparently, I was... [Read More]
Racing fans have been enjoying the many improvement at Indianapolis Motor Speedway all week ahead of the IndyCar Grand Prix Saturday. [Read More]
Liberals hate to lose. Heck, we all hate to lose. But leftists are different. They not only hate to lose, but can't, or won't, accept... [Read More]
Note: On its 20th anniversary this week, I'd like to thank WND for being a platform for the reasonable in a sea of the irrational... [Read More]
Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Words Will Land Me in the Slammer We all know the old saying that involves the following... [Read More]
Last week the Washington Post reported that the District of Columbia will be the first in the nation "to require child care workers to get... [Read More]
Technically speaking, Worcester, Massachusetts, is not a sanctuary city. Yet Mayor Joe Petty and other city leaders have repeatedly said Worcester would not collaborate with... [Read More]
Nikola Jokic had 31 points, 17 rebounds and a big 3-pointer to turn back a late Indiana rally, and the Denver Nuggets beat the Pacers... [Read More]
unless they were hired during Obama's reign. Then, their job description was to look the other way, catch and release and taxi illegals to safe... [Read More]
I recently wrote an article on the Day Without a Woman protest, or strike, or whatever it turned out to be. Unbeknownst to every participant,... [Read More]
Oh Nanny Bloomberg. Just look what you started. Recall when former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to tax and/or regulate everything that wasn't nailed down... [Read More]
Brionna Jones had 27 points and 12 rebounds and No. 4 Maryland beat Purdue 74-64 to win the Big Ten Tournament championship for the third... [Read More]
A few days ago,, one of the more leftist websites you will ever read, assuming you would ever read it, posted a piece entitled,... [Read More]
Back in 2015, the Fiscal Times wrote an article describing a fear Bill Gates had. "He may be one of the world's pivotal computing pioneers,... [Read More]
Back in 2015, the Fiscal Times wrote an article describing a fear Bill Gates had. "He may be one of the world's pivotal computing pioneers,... [Read More]
Think about just how bad your message must be if you still can't win elections, even with virtually everything stacked in your favor. The Democrats... [Read More]
Raise your hand if you thought those jelly-spine wastes of human flesh, the Republicans, were ever going to repeal Obamacare. No hands? I thought not.... [Read More]
Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue hopes a midseason tryout session will upgrade the team's roster after the NBA champions posted a losing record in January.... [Read More]
Some of the wackiest places on the planet today are American schools. Literally every day of the year I have the opportunity to write about... [Read More]