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Hundreds of mourners are expected to attend a public visitation Thursday for two Fredericton police constables described as "two of the most positive people anyone... [Read More]
Vicki McKay awoke to the crack of gunfire, the shots fired two floors above her in a Fredericton apartment complex. [Read More]
Fire officials are shedding light on a little-known phenomenon that can cause the number of false alarms to soar in the muggy summer months: Some... [Read More]
It's unclear what caused the number to rise as provincial advocates call for public funding towards preventative medicine. [Read More]
The little bookstore that could became a hit with locals and tourists alike, providing a respite from a busy world of technology and digital distractions... [Read More]
Sandra Muse Isaacs, who taught Indigenous literature at Saint Mary's University, has left because she felt like the 'token' Indigenous professor. [Read More]
The matter in Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court underscores the tenuous balance between the right to cross-examine a witness with the importance of minimizing the... [Read More]
Experts are drawing attention to racial profiling in Canada, and a rash of recent incidents underscores the ubiquity of the problem here. [Read More]
Census data show the number of people who call themselves Metis soared nearly 150 per cent in Quebec and 125 per cent in Nova Scotia... [Read More]
A Halifax university is under fire for assigning a course about Canada's residential schools to a non-Indigenous professor, something activists say undermines reconciliation efforts. [Read More]
Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Joel Plaskett performed at a rally outside the Founders Square office building on Thursday, capping a week of pickets protesting the treatment... [Read More]
Property manager of the Halifax office in which the janitors work says the terminations are due only to poor performance, and that the new contractor... [Read More]
The bill marks a growing recognition of Desmond's refusal to leave the whites-only section of a Nova Scotia movie theatre on Nov. 8, 1946 and... [Read More]
Viola Desmond's trailblazing act of defiance - overlooked for decades by most Canadians - will be honoured in a Halifax ceremony this afternoon that cements... [Read More]
The investigation into professor Rick Mehta has exposed the challenge facing universities of balancing the open exchange of ideas with the responsibility of keeping students... [Read More]
Critics and supporters of associate professor Rick Mehta have come forward after Acadia University in Nova Scotia launched an investigation following complaints from students, faculty... [Read More]
Mark Mercer, president of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, said in a letter Friday that Mehta's views may be unpopular but they do... [Read More]
 A small-town university in Atlantic Canada has been thrust into the epicentre of a national debate about free speech on campus, amid new allegations a controversial professor has made... [Read More]
The university's provost and vice-president academic Carolyn Watters said the prerequisite is in line with the principles of Dalhousie's employment equity policy. [Read More]
A new wave of mainstream Indigenous politicians in Canada is seeking to harness anger about the Colten Boushie verdict into a unifying call for action. [Read More]