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Does 12th-seeded Nevada stand a chance against 5th-seeded Iowa State on Thursday? History says so: Since the field expanded to 60-plus teams in 1985, a... [Read More]
Will America become great again right at 12 p.m. EST Friday, or is it more of a gradual process?        ... [Read More]
Sierra storms and the famous Washoe Zephyr helped crown Reno as the No. 2 windiest city in the U.S. in 2016. [Read More]
On Thursday, a Senate committee met with the man Donald Trump wants to put in charge of housing policy and granary construction.        ... [Read More]
Several members of the media expected Donald Trump to cancel — instead, less than 24 hours after the so-called "Trump dossier" was leaked, Trump held court... [Read More]
So there's this ... thing ... out there.         ... [Read More]
It's the last full week of Barack Obama's presidency, guys. Seems weird that he's waited this long to implement communism or outlaw bald eagles or... [Read More]
Rain falling on heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada could cause flooding not seen since 2006.        ... [Read More]
Rain falling on heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada could cause flooding not seen since 2006. [Read More]
First up: the Affordable Care Act.        ... [Read More]
Everything you loved/hated about 2016 is still here in 2017 — there's just going to be way, way more of it.        ... [Read More]
2016's most-read stories on ran the gamut from breaking news to in-depth investigations to holiday recipes. Below are the top 15 articles for online readership... [Read More]
For now, the Democratic Party is in the dark about a 2020 strategy. But you know what they say: The sooner you fall behind, the... [Read More]
What's on the wish lists of Trump backers? More state control of health care and infrastructure, drug-testing welfare recipients, a nationwide expansion of sports betting... [Read More]
We hated this system for years, but it's going to be next to impossible to change. [Read More]
How will the left-leaning tech industry work alongside the Trump administration, and how will future Martian overlord Elon Musk do as a newly minted Trump... [Read More]
2016 is just a scripted dramedy, and this is the part where all the characters' plot lines start to intertwine.       ... [Read More]
A secret CIA report concludes that Russia helped Reagan's GOP successor win the election. Does the English language have a word for when something's hilarious,... [Read More]
sad!        ... [Read More]