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GA-6 is like a Political Tinkerbell -- the outcome only means something because we're clapping our hands and convincing ourselves it means something.        ... [Read More]
We can't remember the last week it didn't feel like we were drinking news from a fire hose, but this one felt more full-blast than... [Read More]
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According to, it looks like the process to get top security clearance is as vigorous as the process to get into the Blizzard Fan Club.... [Read More]
The Reno Memo breaks down the news in an email newsletter sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [Read More]
The Reno Memo is the RGJ's newsletter that breaks down the headlines in the Biggest Little City every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [Read More]
The Reno Memo delivers the news to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [Read More]
If you were a betting person, where would you put your money: an Israeli-Palestinian accord, a balanced budget, or Ted Cruz uniting the Senate? [Read More]
The New York Times says Trump tried to quash the FBI's Flynn investigation, the intelligence community is working through the aftermath of passing classified information... [Read More]
Whew! That's another ex-official who can never bother Trump again, just like Sally Yates and Mike Flynn.        ... [Read More]
What a week! First, Congress passed a budget that pretended to fund The Wall, then President Trump played a round of "imagine if religious beliefs let... [Read More]
Even after securing the star of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" as the new face of the series, the federal government continues to suffer through poor reviews... [Read More]
Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, everyone! [Read More]
Hopefully the autosave feature is active in case Trump needs to CTRL-Z his way back to January 20.        ... [Read More]
Welcome to the week, folks. If you still haven't seen Anjeanette Damon's investigation into an alarming spike in deaths at the Washoe County jail, please... [Read More]
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And some stone-cold sober motorists just drive really slow and bad    What standards should Nevada use to test for marijuana impairment? The chemical compound that's... [Read More]
Craft brewers are freaking out, lawmakers want to fight the patriarchy and it's time to educate yourself about pot, nerds. The details... [Read More]
Next year, consider sacrificing two goats before registering for the Burning Man ticket sale  ... [Read More]
Does 12th-seeded Nevada stand a chance against 5th-seeded Iowa State on Thursday? History says so: Since the field expanded to 60-plus teams in 1985, a... [Read More]