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We don't need to wait for the general election to recognize the trend of division that makes RI a microcosm of the country. The marquee... [Read More]
The cellphone rang, if that's what you can call that tinny annoying sound, while I enjoyed the leisurely pace of the ferry lumbering to Bristol... [Read More]
More debate has been spilled about debates lately than any other issue in the primary. Of course one can be cynical of the strategic import... [Read More]
The Providence Planning Department stirred up a hornets' nest of controversy when it submitted a proposed "redevelopment plan" for 225 acres along the "Woonasquatucket River... [Read More]
Courtesy of Moira Walsh we have been invited to consider how much drinking goes on at the state house. In a recent interview on WPRO... [Read More]
As many had suggested might happen, Speaker Mattiello has seen a light at the end of the Pawsox tunnel. Indeed, one might say that the... [Read More]
Rick Santelli famously catalyzed the self-assembly of the tea party with his impromptu exhortation on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: "This is America.... [Read More]
There was a demonstration last week outside that hub of controversy, St. Pius Church, protesting a speech by Michelle Cretella, of the small but staunchly... [Read More]
Long the province of Europeans and Quebecois, Guadeloupe is bracing for an onslaught of Rhode Islanders now that it is a destination of our international... [Read More]
Not good natured cold warriors in a submarine stranded off the coast this time, but Russian agents driving right down main street on a four... [Read More]
At the root of the debate over immigration is the question of whether borders as we know them are defensible. [Read More]
Is it possible there is a week in Rhode Island without something to write about? The best of my intentions to deconstruct exaggerated claims that... [Read More]
Richard Melville Hall, aka Moby, has sold more than 20 million albums. You can't prove why by me, albeit his uninteresting electronic tracks at least... [Read More]
Who knew that opposition to runways isn't limited to the folks in Warwick who moved next to the airport without realizing it was there. The... [Read More]
Much has been made of a jury failing to convict Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the death of Kate Steinle. This event was surely a... [Read More]
As the quintessential if lesser known celebrant of Thanksgiving, Captain Thanksgiving, who brings Portuguese Sweet Bread to everyone who has been good each year on... [Read More]
OMFG, if that is legitimate to write in the pages of such an august journal. Never have I heard such lily-livered wussy whining from virtually... [Read More]
From the first to bear the moniker in Cincinnatti and the contemporaneous concrete doughnut of Three Rivers in Pittsburg – both of which were imploded... [Read More]
I'm shocked, shocked to see Elon Musk lining up for government money from the Puerto Rican relief effort. One has to respect his ploy for... [Read More]
The recent announcement that Benny's will close serves as a reminder of other icons who have passed in these weeks, two of whom will be... [Read More]
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