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Oxytocin isn't just a "moral molecule." New research suggests it plays a much broader role in the brain. [Read More]
When insects go extinct, other species follow. [Read More]
This map of personality clusters reveals Midwesterners are sociable but unhealthy, East Coast dwellers are educated but neurotic, and more. [Read More]
via the rise of academic paper pirating, and the increasing availability of pre-publication manuscripts... [Read More]
Our memories are imperfect, but that doesn't mean "the past is unknowable." With her memory of an alleged sexual assault in the 1980s, Christine Blasey... [Read More]
Brian Wansink has six new high-profile study retractions. He's a cautionary tale in bad incentives in science. It's every scientist's worst nightmare: six papers... [Read More]
A brief scientific guide to the first day of spring. [Read More]
How much plastic is your washing machine sending out to sea? [Read More]
Today in Elon Musk: sued for defamation, announcing a mystery space explorer. No human being has flown near the moon since December 1972, when... [Read More]
The most telling images we've seen so far from Florence's path. The remnants of Hurricane Florence are finally exiting the Carolinas. The region has been... [Read More]
So much more rain is on the way. As of Friday afternoon, more than 40 inches of rain had fallen in Morehead City on... [Read More]
The dire forecast for Hurricane Florence has prompted mandatory evacuation orders for more than a million people. Yet some will ignore the orders. Hurricane... [Read More]
Why this category 2 storm could still be very dangerous. Hurricane Florence is about a day away from landfall off the coast of North Carolina,... [Read More]
The storm is set to bring a mind-boggling amount of rain to the Carolinas. Earlier in the week, forecasters were warning that Hurricane Florence had... [Read More]
This map charts the course the storm has taken so far and shows NOAA's best forecast for where it's heading. Hurricane Florence is heading... [Read More]
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are in the path of this powerful storm. It's still early, and much can change. Hurricane Florence... [Read More]
What we've learned about hurricanes since last year's devastating season. Right now, it's the peak of hurricane season. In September, the Atlantic Ocean is the... [Read More]
One of the great mysteries of adult life — and psychology. [Read More]
In the coming weeks, billions of leaves will change color. Labor Day has come and gone, pumpkin spice is wafting through the air, and drug... [Read More]