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A federal court decision on homelessness is forcing Fresno's leaders to step up and address the issue, and the Fresno City Council took steps this... [Read More]
The Fresno Bee is convening a dialogue about Fresno's north-south divide with residents who live north and south of Shaw Avenue, the city's historical dividing... [Read More]
Fresno City Councilman Clint Olivier, a longtime cannabis advocate on the council, warned people attending a public forum Monday night not to believe everything they... [Read More]
Emotions ran high at a Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 11 before a scheduled vote to change zoning and allow a... [Read More]
The city of Fresno on Tuesday, Sept. 11 released draft regulations for medicinal marijuana, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and testing businesses. There's no talk of recreational... [Read More]
Fresno Police Department is offering an incentive up to $4,000 to attract dispatchers from other law enforcement agencies to fill vacancies. [Read More]
The city of Fresno has issued a cease-and-desist letter for the Bird scooters left around the city last month. [Read More]
El Fresno Bee está comenzando una conversación con residentes de la ciudad sobre la división norte-sur de Fresno como parte de un proyecto de transparencia... [Read More]
The Fresno Bee is starting a conversation with residents about Fresno's north-south divide as part of a transparency project with Arizona State University's News Co/Lab... [Read More]
City leaders in Fresno, CA, are weighing options on camping ban ordinance after the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that punishing homeless people... [Read More]
Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, who has represented District 16 for 13 years, is being challenged by Elizabeth Heng, a young Republican who is the daughter... [Read More]
Fresno City Council members clashed on Thursday while considering whether to allow the public to comment online on government meeting agenda items. [Read More]
The Kern County Sheriff's Office released on Monday the identify of a Fresno man who was shot and killed last week by a California Highway... [Read More]
A Fresno man is suing the city of Fresno, seeking damages for medical expenses and other losses from injuries he suffered after being rear-ended by... [Read More]
California cities and counties spent $3.7 billion total on overtime in 2017, a large increase from 2012. Governments say they're struggling to recruit police. Some... [Read More]
Fresno Police Department's homeless task force teams up with a city sanitation crew to clean homeless encampments, collecting one to two tons of trash a... [Read More]
Fresno Unified trustee Brooke Ashjian is questioning whether Miguel Arias, a candidate for Fresno City Council District 3, should keep his Fresno Unified job if... [Read More]
Madera County Sheriff Monday afternoon issued a pre-evacuation order near North Fork due to a wildfire that broke out in the area. [Read More]
Madera County Sheriff Monday afternoon issued a pre-evacuation order near North Fork due to a wildfire that broke out in the area. [Read More]
The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to send the Fresno for Parks sales tax initiative to voters on the November ballot to raise $37 million... [Read More]