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 Pennsylvania state auditor, Eugene DePasquale released the results of a performance audit he did on the Public School Employees Retirement System. DePasquale said, he discovered that PSERS... [Read More]
The Senate approved legislation to continue the local share assessments from casinos to support their communities. ... [Read More]
Tops Friendly Market has expanded its range of stores where you can purchase alcohol. ... [Read More]
At least 20 people are reported dead and hundreds are said to be injured after at least one explosion near an arena in Manchester, England. [Read More]
A pick-up truck is stolen after a man deliberately gets hit by the truck. [Read More]
Several members of the Erie News Now night crew tasted dishes created at the Duran's Down Home Days Cast Iron Chef competition. ... [Read More]
Erie's youngest band, First to Eleven, catches the eye of major music television networks. They talked all about the ups and downs on set at... [Read More]
A car versus motorcycle accident sends one man to the hospital with serious injuries. ... [Read More]
Inspired by the movie Forrest Gump,  one man takes  an incredible journey to raise awareness for causes close to his heart. ... [Read More]
A five-year old girl was pulled from under a vehicle after being hit, and the driver took off. ... [Read More]
In Crawford County, the city of Meadville's current mayor faces competition from the deputy mayor, on the democratic ticket. ... [Read More]
Mayor Leroy Stearns came out on top with 57% of the votes. [Read More]
Two Democratic candidates are competing to fill Jay Breneman's 4th District seat on Erie County Council while two Republicans are competing for the nomination for Ed DiMattio's Erie... [Read More]
Tonight, a local music group called Three Guests came on the set for our Friday Night Feature. ... [Read More]
A sinking boat had to be bailed out. [Read More]
Officers have done a final check for a suspicious person on Allegheny College campus. In a final alert, that came out around 5:40 p.m., ... [Read More]
The company that bought Gander Mountain, plans to keep the Erie store, located at the Millcreek Mall Center, on Interchange Rd, open. ... [Read More]
A fire left unattended spread to a garage; consuming it entirely.  ... [Read More]
A car accident involving an elderly couple sent one to the hospital. ... [Read More]
We have some new information about the Riverside Inn at Cambridge Springs.  After a fire consumed nearly the whole building, community members decided to... [Read More]