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Bringing the first indictment directly related to Russian election meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russian individuals and... [Read More]
Concerned that insurers are starting to take advantage of health care upheaval in Washington, Democrats raked the secretary of Health and Human Services over the... [Read More]
Defending a bipartisan bill that would protect 1.8 million immigrants and funnel $25 million into border security, Senator Lindsey Graham warned Thursday that President Trump risks... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates appeared in court Wednesday with the three attorneys who want off his high-profile case. [Read More]
A Russian antivirus company sued the U.S. government over claims that a legislative ban on the use of its products, sparked by fears of the... [Read More]
The infrastructure plan unveiled Monday by President Trump faced a dubious reception by economists who said it fails to allocate enough federal dollars to support... [Read More]
Triggering a collective of citizen sleuths known as Cooperites to circle the wagons, a cold-case team says their code-breaker has definitively identified the man who... [Read More]
The federal judge overseeing the prosecution of former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates met behind closed doors Wednesday to hear why three... [Read More]
Echoing the spectacles of totalitarian regimes, President Donald Trump's plan for a military parade bewildered historians and veterans groups alike Wednesday. [Read More]
Members of Congress grappled Tuesday with the fate of a trust set up for Pacific Islanders who were displaced by dozens of Cold War nuclear... [Read More]
Suggesting a plea deal on the horizon for Rick Gates, a federal judge will hold a closed-door meeting Wednesday with the defense team for President... [Read More]
The memos penned by former FBI Director James Comey about his conversations with President Trump will remain secret for now, a federal judge ruled Friday. [Read More]
House Republicans released their memo alleging intelligence abuses Friday shortly after President Donald Trump declassified it fully. [Read More]
Backing the independence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the D.C. Circuit ruled 7-3 Wednesday that leaders of the agency are protected "from at-will removal... [Read More]
With President Donald Trump vowing to release a classified memo about the FBI that the bureau has called inaccurate, policy analysts said the divisive move... [Read More]
Amending claims against an accused supporter of North Korea's missile program, prosecutors say the Chinese company used America's visa-investment program to launder the proceeds of... [Read More]
Kicking off a conference of health care advocates Thursday, Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren put a personal touch on what could be a focal... [Read More]
Medicaid beneficiaries at risk of losing their health insurance in Kentucky filed a federal class action Wednesday challenging experimental programs that require low-income people to... [Read More]
A cynical shred of common ground emerged at an oversight hearing of the Congressional Budget Office as both parties agreed Wednesday that the Senate's budget... [Read More]
Touting the performance of the national electric grid against this winter's record-breaking bomb-cyclone event, officials assured a Senate committee Tuesday that the independent Federal Energy... [Read More]