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Having missed a divestment deadline to finalize its merger with the oil company Baker Hughes, General Electric must now open up its checkbook, federal antitrust... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors unveiled what they called first-of-their-kind fentanyl indictments Tuesday against a pair of Chinese nationals they say trafficked the synthetic opioid into the United... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled that allowing a videotaped pretrial deposition as evidence in the trial of the accused mastermind of the 2012 attack on a... [Read More]
"I think it's pretty obvious that the government is trying to lift the lid on the Facebook accounts of political dissidents and activists,", American Civil... [Read More]
Attorneys haggled Friday in the D.C. Superior Court over whether the government should be allowed to proceed with search warrants for Facebook accounts associated with... [Read More]
Amid an escalating war of words between North Korea and President Donald Trump, an expert told members of a House Homeland Security subcommittee Thursday that... [Read More]
Grappling with a bid to make corporations liable for human-rights abuses overseas, the conservative justices voiced concern Wednesday about how a reversal could exacerbate diplomatic... [Read More]
Shielding their identities with light disguises, CIA agents testified behind closed doors Tuesday about a fatal 2012 mortar attack on their facility in Benghazi, Libya. [Read More]
Resolving a transparency catch-22, a federal judge dismissed a case about legal opinions from the Justice Department but affirmed the power of courts to intervene... [Read More]
President Trump proposed a set of sweeping and rigid immigration reforms Sunday that he said must be included in any legislation addressing the status of... [Read More]
Major U.S. cigarette companies will start publishing a series of statements late next month that frankly describe the dangers of smoking. [Read More]
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal petition Thursday challenging the detention of a U.S. citizen who allegedly fought with the Islamic State and... [Read More]
A high-ranking diplomatic security officer testified in a criminal trial Thursday about what he saw five years ago when attackers overran the U.S. diplomatic compound... [Read More]
Three Russian bank executives filed a federal defamation complaint this week against the research firm behind the famous Trump "dossier" that alleges links between Russia... [Read More]
The nature of modern house parties dominated lively Supreme Court oral arguments on Wednesday as the2 justices considered whethe2r police officers had probable cause to... [Read More]
Empty seats pockmarked the Georgetown University auditorium where U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke Tuesday about free speech on college campuses, but a hundred students... [Read More]
Emotions flared Monday as Republicans unveiled new details about their latest proposal to repeal and replace parts of the federal health care law. [Read More]
Dozens of Howard University students loudly protested Friday during the entirety of former FBI director James Comey's convocation address to the incoming class. [Read More]
The GOP's last ditch effort to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's health care law could cut federal funding to states by $215 billion... [Read More]
The largest organization of venture capitalists in the United States sued the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday over another delay of an Obama-era rule that... [Read More]