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While the entire egg is fine for healthy people to consume daily, more than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg... [Read More]
Craighead Electric Cooperative dedicated their 1-megawatt solar array in Brookland today. [Read More]
Nettleton students kicked off Constitution Week with a first-hand experience with Representative Rick Crawford. [Read More]
The average price for the three most popular pickups is now well over $40,000. [Read More]
Legislators and elected officials walked through JHS and the NEA Career & Tech Center today. [Read More]
Monday marked the fourth anniversary of a series of devastating tornadoes that struck under the cover of night. [Read More]
a new book hopes to encourage both adults and children to build financial wealth through saving. [Read More]
Prostate cancer patients have to choose between observation, surgery, radiation, or proton therapy. [Read More]
Kids have been playing the video game sensation "Fortnite" around the clock all summer long. [Read More]
One biologist in Colorado is studying how snake venom can fight the spread of cancer. [Read More]
Installing a solar power system for your home can be expensive but there are plenty of ways to help offset the price. [Read More]
Doctor Alton Bozeman suggests opening up to people exercising and being around people with a positive attitude. [Read More]
Doctors now have a new system designed to detect bleeding problems early to prevent a crisis. [Read More]
Mental health experts say they may have found a way to kick a painkiller habit before it even starts. [Read More]
Hytrol dedicated its renovated Technology Center on Tuesday. [Read More]
Numerous studies show rigorous exercise is one of the best ways to slow the progress of Parkinson's Disease. [Read More]
Students heading to college will spend an average of almost $1,000 on "back to school" shopping. But, there are ways to save. [Read More]
The canning industry is under pressure of new tariffs on steel and aluminum. [Read More]
The first-ever drug designed specifically for migraines hit the market hit earlier this summer. [Read More]
The National Weather Service spent all day in Greene County where they believe the tornado touched down. [Read More]