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Clean beauty, the movement toward all-natural, non-toxic cosmetic products, is mainstreaming and a contributor to the $22 billion wellness-based beauty market. But with little regulation,... [Read More]
One surprise of the holiday season is that home-improvement product sales rose 9%. The chain Home Depot was likely a key contributor, due to its... [Read More]
The contents of the average toy box will likely look different after holidays to come not only because of innovation and technology, but because of... [Read More]
Experiential retail increasingly means swapping selling space for event space among major brands, including DSW, Nordstrom and Casper Mattress. Will video tunnels, style consultations and... [Read More]
The hotel chain AccorHotels is testing heart rates to better anticipate the destinations its loyalty members are most likely to love. Can retailers do the... [Read More]
CVS Health is expanding further into healthcare by offering video-enabled MinuteClinic visits, broadening what shoppers should expect from the brand. How do retailers that stick... [Read More]
With the launch of its credit card–free rewards program, troubled retailer J.Crew aims to use data to deliver more personalized promotions. But is personalization enough... [Read More]
Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, the bell on back-to-school spending is ringing earlier. In addition to higher sales, however, several studies reveal that the way... [Read More]
Online retail sales continue to climb, but consumers still prefer to shop in stores, research shows. Following are a few reasons why. Executives from three... [Read More]
Bed Bath & Beyond's new Beyond+ membership program has been described as a loyalty initiative, but it's not. Beyond+ is a prepaid discount program, and... [Read More]
Kroger's plan to launch an exclusive line of apparel, called Dip, indicates the supermarket chain is serious about competing in the clothing category. However, the... [Read More]
In mid-July Etsy will raise the fee it charges its artisan vendors, and many are weighing their options as they consider the effect to their... [Read More]
Super-short shopping trips began making headlines when research revealed a sharp increase of them at some Whole Foods stores, thanks largely to the installment of... [Read More]
One might not expect a septuagenarian sewing maven to have much fight in her, but the retail chain Joann is proving it does. So are... [Read More]
That new-car smell is souring for many. More than half of shoppers feel remorse after buying an expensive item, a recent survey revealed, so they... [Read More]
Shoppers are spending less face time with store employees and it's turning the definition of a memorable experience upside down. It also presents an opportunity... [Read More]
Members of Generation Z are frequently identified as the first digital natives. But there is more to this financially sensitive, ethnically diverse group than mobile... [Read More]
In their quest for delivering the best digital experiences, retailers have made themselves vulnerable to cyber criminals. In this story, Sam Small of social media... [Read More]
Trader Joe's five-part podcast, "Inside Trader Joe's," is a playful behind-the-scenes tour of a grocery chain known for uncommon fare, Hawaiian shirts and competitive prices.... [Read More]
With its new service called Interests, eBay is opening conversations with shoppers using an analytics model similar to that of Spotify — an approach worth... [Read More]