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 The salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul. – Carl Jung Whether you believe that Western Civilization is dead, or only... [Read More]
The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy our capacity to form any. – Hannah Arendt Were you truly surprised... [Read More]
When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the... [Read More]
"There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance."  – Wolfgang von Goethe                 Growing up in Nebraska, I was delighted each September, when the State... [Read More]
"But don't, dear children, be alarmed, Augustus Gloop will not be harmed, Although, of course, we must admit He will be altered quite a bit.... [Read More]
They were so strong in their beliefs that there was a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into... [Read More]
The true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops – no, but the kind of man the country... [Read More]
It is amusing to see the political establishment so desperate to defeat Trump that it will resort to any – as in a-n-y – indiscretion... [Read More]
No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. – Voltaire No sentence better summarizes the social plight we humans face than that penned by Gregory... [Read More]
When asked on a news channel this morning whether he would support the Libertarian Party ticket in November, Ron Paul responded that, if Gary Johnson... [Read More]
George Leef is not happy with Justice Kennedy, either. Mr. Leef's bone to pick (that's what you do at lunch, right?) involves "the renewed push... [Read More]
The U.S. Navy is considering the possible punishment of a woman sailor, stationed at Pearl Harbor, who refused to salute when the national anthem was... [Read More]
The late Frank Zappa declared: "Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex." [Read More]
In the aftermath of so many police shootings of unarmed individuals, police and other local government officials sing the choral rendition: "we just want to... [Read More]
Walter and JP: Two additional items come to mind. The erstwhile Trotskyite, Max Eastman, became disillusioned with Marxism, and became a strong advocate of free-market... [Read More]
With the strong backing of Democrats and environmentalists, and in an effort to control the release of methane, the California legislature has just enacted rules... [Read More]
The humanoid collective is in an unforgiving snit over the refusal of NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, to stand for the playing of the national... [Read More]
The humanoid collective is in an unforgiving snit over the refusal of NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, to stand for the playing of the national anthem.... [Read More]
I wonder if this twit would also have enjoyed accompanying a Luftwaffe Stuka dive-bomber on one of its screeching attacks on Poland in the late... [Read More]
[This article is from a talk I gave on July 31, 2016, at the seventh annual "Capitalism and Morality" conference held in Vancouver, B.C. Sponsored... [Read More]