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A new way to ask for fries with that shake... [Read More]
A South Carolina teenager has gone viral after serenading a McDonald's drive-thru employee with her order in the form of a song. [Read More]
"We are fans of all kind of streamers and gamers" [Read More]
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who rose to fame playing Fortnite, addressed backlash to his recent admission that he doesn't stream with women. [Read More]
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Two photographers speak about why the Huji photo app is one of this summer's most popular offerings. [Read More]
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Maine's lobster emoji has become an unlikely symbol to advocate for transgender representation, thanks to an activism group. [Read More]
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A Filipino bride wasn't going to let a a flood stop her from walking down the aisle where she walked through shallow water on her... [Read More]
A diss track of epic proportions... [Read More]
Nicki Minaj released a diss track that put a long list of rappers (plus one DJ and a football player) on blast. [Read More]
From the upcoming 'Wreck It Ralph' sequel... [Read More]
The Internet is losing it over the modern Disney princess slumber party scene in the upcoming movie 'Wreck It Ralph 2.'... [Read More]
God's Little People Cat Rescue, a cat sanctuary on the beautiful Greek island of Syros, is currently looking for someone to care for its charming... [Read More]
File this under dream jobs: you can now get paid to hang out with cats on the Greek island of Syros by the Aegean Sea. [Read More]
One way to get your point across... [Read More]
Andy Pardy quit his day job to take an epic 32-country road trip in Europe, an adventure he's using to send a message about Brexit. [Read More]
A Rhode Island woman found a fan in Missy Elliott after the iconic rapper saw a video of her covering "Work It." [Read More]
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