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The senator built goodwill in the press through candor and accessibility. [Read More]
The senator built good will in the press through candor and accessibility. [Read More]
Charles Krauthammer's physical disability is "far from the first thing that comes to mind" when Wall Street Journal education reporter Michelle Hackman thinks of him. [Read More]
The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist became known for his wit, not his wheelchair. [Read More]
Steve Schmidt advised two of the most influential Republicans in recent history, President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, but now the... [Read More]
Republican expats are united in opposition to the direction of their former party but are divided over what to do next. [Read More]
As cable news has become saturated with images of children fenced in and sleeping on floors, the White House has joined the outrage chorus —... [Read More]
The special counsel seems to be making Manafort as uncomfortable as possible, in hopes that the former Trump campaign chairman will trade dirt on the... [Read More]
The president made an impromptu appearance on his favorite morning TV program. [Read More]
"I know it's hard for you to understand even short sentences," press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CNN's Jim Acosta. [Read More]
Trump officials sometimes cast aspersions on the newsgathering process, instead of issuing direct denials. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's rationale for lashing out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not add up. [Read More]
The consistent message from the Trump administration is that journalists are misbehaving when they pose difficult or uncomfortable questions. [Read More]
Speaking to Sean Hannity, the president effectively said that he gets why some observers doubted his approach. [Read More]
The president made a snap judgment and when the Justice Department followed through on his wishes, the result was a major loss. [Read More]
Trade adviser Peter Navarro might be sorry for his word choice, but the White House stands by its message to Canada. [Read More]
The meeting represented a significant de-escalation of tensions between nuclear powers, but human rights were pushed aside. [Read More]
The president's anger at the Canadian prime minister appears to be an act for an audience of one: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
The president has invited pressure and left little room to achieve more than what he suggests is realistic at a summit with North Korea's leader. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's administration excels at muddying the water, and the arrest of a former Senate aide, following an inquiry in which federal agents seized... [Read More]