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East Coast coyotes are bigger than West Coast relatives... [Read More]
A person was potentially exposed to rabies by touching a bat with their bare hands that has since been confirmed to have the virus. [Read More]
The parents of a 5-year-old boy who died from traumatic head injuries when he was caught in the rotating wall of a hotel-top Atlanta restaurant... [Read More]
Data released this month shows that Americans are willing to be creative, and even sneaky, to get more out of Christmas. [Read More]
Police are looking for a man who was caught on camera during an armed robbery at an Upstate doctors' office. [Read More]
A child was struck by a car Thursday afternoon after he left his elementary school, according to officials. [Read More]
The FBI is assisting police in the search for a missing 20-year-old woman. [Read More]
Experts have compiled data that shows which days and times over Thanksgiving week you should try to avoid traveling. [Read More]
A former NewSpring church youth pastor, whose pregnant wife was killed in 2015, has announced his engagement. [Read More]
The photographer who spent six decades traveling the world as evangelist Billy Graham's photographer, passed away Wednesday. [Read More]
If you usually drive on Stone Avenue, you will want to find an alternative this weekend. [Read More]
An Upstate man's wrecked truck was found after Tropical Storm Irma, but he has mysteriously disappeared. [Read More]
The beloved owner of one of Greenville's most iconic restaurant has expressed his thanks for the support he received during a recent health crisis. [Read More]
Evidence showed a 20-month-old boy had 130 injuries to his body when he died, including burns from being scalded with hot water. [Read More]
Savannah Nabors responds to County's request that a lawsuit against the sheriff and County be dismissed, while making one concession. [Read More]
An earthquake was recorded Monday night in Western North Carolin... [Read More]
Deputies have released surveillance images of a man caught on camera during an armed robbery at an Upstate grocery store. [Read More]
The first flu death of the season for South Carolina has been confirmed in the Upstate. [Read More]
Pomegranate on Main celebrates anniversary; Iranian immigrant owner finds great success... [Read More]
Police are looking for a man who they say killed a 30-year-old Upstate woman last week. [Read More]