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News 4 obtained pictures of the inside of the Engine 32 Fire Hall in Nashville from Councilman Steve Glover, who took them after he began receiving... [Read More]
A new name has come up in the case of murdered nursing student Holly Bobo: sex offender Terry Britt. His name came up in court... [Read More]
Metro Police officers will begin carrying the prescription medication Naloxone that can be used to treat the effects of an opioid overdose, police announced Friday... [Read More]
Jack Byrd III is running for the open Metro Council seat in Antioch. A video now circulating on social media shows him using a stun... [Read More]
Shocking new information that gives possible insight into how Holly Bobo died was revealed in court Wednesday. [Read More]
At Metro fleet, there are dozens of police cars sitting and waiting for repairs. In July, News 4 filed an open records request. We found... [Read More]
Surveillance footage shows a kindergarten teacher dragging a little boy out of her classroom. [Read More]
Surveillance video shows the hallway of St. Bethlehem Elementary School in Clarksville. Kindergarten teacher Bonnie Conn dragged a little boy out of her classroom by... [Read More]
Police in India raided nine call centers and arrested more than 70 people for allegedly posing as IRS agents to steal millions from U.S. citizens... [Read More]
Michael Martin was convicted back in 1989 for molesting a 6-year-old. He was given probation and placed on the sex offender registry. [Read More]
Public parks are meant for people to enjoy, but over the past few weeks, News 4 has been showing you parks people can't use. [Read More]
Metro police have been asking for new motorcycles for years. Metro Council approved the funding over a year ago, but officers never received their new... [Read More]
The News 4 I-team first showed the video Thursday night of a man beating another with a stick at the Church Street Park. [Read More]
News 4 has learned the woman who allegedly drove a car into the Cumberland River that led to the death of a Metro Police officer... [Read More]
First police put a padlock on the door of the Thrifty Inn, then it was bulldozed to the ground. The same thing happened at Club... [Read More]
Last week, News 4 was the first to report on a deal made between a private developer and the Metro Parks Department about Tony Rose... [Read More]
News 4 was the first to report about a new spin on an old real estate scam earlier this month. Thieves, posing as landlords, tell... [Read More]
Fortunately, the person who purchased the product noticed the pellets before giving the bone to her dog, Maxx. [Read More]
A new park should be packed with visitors this time of year, but people have not yet been able to use it. [Read More]
While Shelbyville's mayor apologized for his controversial comments, he also reiterated his original views about working with veterans that locals say are problematic. [Read More]