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Pope Francis welcomed Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to the Vatican Nov. 15 for a private discussion that included the importance of building greater trust between... [Read More]
A civil court in Milan ordered Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a longtime diplomat and former Vatican nuncio to the United States, to return close to... [Read More]
Lying or being inauthentic is seriously wrong because it hinders or harms human relationships, Pope Francis said. "Where there are lies, there is no... [Read More]
Scientists worldwide must serve humanity and the health of the planet, which means they must also propose viable solutions to problems and persuade government leaders... [Read More]
A bishop must be "blameless" and at the service of God, not of cliques, assets and power, especially if he is ever to "set right"... [Read More]
No one can remain indifferent to the way minority groups are increasingly the object of so much fear, scorn and hatred, Pope Francis said. And... [Read More]
Retired Pope Benedict XVI expressed his displeasure with the way a German cardinal publicly criticized his stepping down as pontiff, and he defended taking the... [Read More]
Christians have the teachings and the responsibility to address growing fear of and discrimination against immigrants and refugees, said speakers opening a Vatican-sponsored conference. "Welcoming... [Read More]
Inviting presidents of the world's bishops' conference to the Vatican to discuss abuse prevention reflects an understanding that "lovely" words and promises are not enough... [Read More]
Today, more than ever, the world needs a revolution of tenderness, Pope Francis said. [Read More]
Rocks, mineral debris and even dust from space are kept in special collections, museums and laboratories all over the world, and the Vatican Observatory took... [Read More]
Bishops must remember, particularly when under attack, that their role is to pray, be humble in knowing God chose them and remain close to the... [Read More]
Responding quickly and appropriately to the problem of abuse must be a priority for the Catholic Church, said Cardinal Sean O'Malley, president of the Vatican's... [Read More]
Without respectfully collaborating with teachers and schools, parents will risk being on their own when it comes to educating their children and be at a... [Read More]
Christian conversion does not entail accusing others, but is shamefully recognizing and sincerely repenting one's own sins, Pope Francis said. [Read More]
People need to make peace with their lives and anything they are running from, rather than lose themselves to escapism and playful distraction, Pope Francis... [Read More]
With large sheets of plain plywood blocking public access to the Holy Stairs, one woman lovingly touched a large color photograph of the stairs, made... [Read More]
While everyone has a role and responsibility to help safeguard the planet, all governments must uphold commitments agreed upon in the Paris Accord on reducing... [Read More]
Twenty-five years after St. John Paul II visited Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Pope Francis will make the same three-nation visit Sept. 22-25, stopping at a... [Read More]
French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, an experienced diplomat and head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, died at the age of 75 in Hartford, Connecticut,... [Read More]