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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo received a firsthand briefing Wednesday on Turkey's claims that Jamal Khashoggi was killed by Saudi agents. [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Turkey after talks with Saudis over journalist's disappearance. [Read More]
His arrival in the Saudi capital comes as Turkish investigators wrapped up an hours-long search of the consulate in Istanbul overnight. [Read More]
"We are strong and old allies," the crown prince tells the secretary of state. "We face our challenges together — the past, the day of,... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pressed Saudi leaders Tuesday to move quickly with a "transparent" investigation into the disappearance of journalist Kamal Khashoggi even as... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Saudi King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who deny any knowledge of what happened... [Read More]
Haley was quick to shoot down the idea that her ambitions include taking on Trump in 2020. [Read More]
Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, plans to resign will meet with President Donald Trump shortly. [Read More]
U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley is resigning, according to two people familiar with her plans. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he will make a... [Read More]
Germany says things are "Wunderbar Together." Australia boasts of 100 Years of Matehood. Canada goes local. [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the cancellation of the old treaty was long overdue. [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the United States is terminating the Treaty of Amity reached with Iran in pre-revolutionary days, calling it... [Read More]
The Palestinian flag still hangs, limply, from a pole above the door of the PLO office in a red brick office building in Washington. It... [Read More]
The United States ordered the closure, citing a lack of Palestinians engagement in making peace with Israel, and set a deadline of Oct. 10. But... [Read More]
The State Department released a report Wednesday identifying Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism with a "near-global reach" and accusing it of sending... [Read More]
In an annual report, the State Department said attacks were down 23 percent. But it castigated Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism. [Read More]
The United States will admit no more than 30,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday, the lowest number... [Read More]
The ceiling for the coming fiscal year was lowered to 30,000 from 45,000 in the current year, less than a third of the number admitted... [Read More]
Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia denied that Russia had violated sanctions or blocked an independent report on the status of North Korean sanctions . [Read More]
Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, on Monday accused Russia of systematically "cheating" on international sanctions against North Korea by illicitly helping... [Read More]