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For the United States as a whole, natural growth, which is births minus deaths, is the largest source of population change. [Read More]
Detroit Lions' stadium will open its doors at 9:30 a.m. The yoga class starts at 10 a.m. [Read More]
The brewery doesn't actually name either school or use the schools' logos. [Read More]
The couples got engaged at the same time last year in Michigan. [Read More]
A Michigan native created "Get Up North," an app where players swipe left and right to avoid potholes and those ever-present construction cones. [Read More]
Canadian night crawlers attract fish due to their pungent smell. Pair that with a neon color to cut through murky water and it's over for... [Read More]
A chance for rain and thunderstorms may plague the end of the work week for Detroiters. But, sun and warmth should prevail over the weekend. [Read More]
Miquis Lamont Jenkins was last seen in the care of 19-year-old Iyesha Catherine Gibbs around 1 p.m. on Wednesday. [Read More]
Homeland Security plans to expand Trusted Traveler pre-screening options, as well as upgrade border infrastructure and hire personnel. [Read More]
Identical 24-year-old twins Krissie and Kassie Bevier will marry 24-year-old Zack and Nick Lewan in Grass Lake, Michigan, on Aug. 3 and 4. [Read More]
Video from a Michigan family shows a pizza delivery man from Hungry Howie's giving a surprising piano performance.        ... [Read More]
"It took the roof off of that vacant, old Starbucks," he said. "It also blew the sign off the Comerica bank that's right there." [Read More]
Fortnite has taken over the video gaming world. The latest craze is parents paying $20 an hour for lessons for their children. [Read More]
The documentary series has been airing on History since 2010. The show follows Wolfe and Fritz as they hunt for America's most valuable antiques. [Read More]
When Dylan's parents were told to remove the ducks because of zoning, they decided to fight for their son. [Read More]
The rest of the leaders of the village include two dogs named Diablo and Punkin, a chicken named Penny and a goat named Harley.      ... [Read More]
The Lower Peninsula is facing temperatures ranging from low 80s to high 90s this week, with no heavy rain as a respite. [Read More]
Four teenagers who were charged in the fatal rock-throwing death have taken a plea deal, reducing the crime to manslaughter.        ... [Read More]
Some of the beer names include "Flint Michigan Tap Water," "Black Beer Matters," "White Guilt" and "Mass Graves."        ... [Read More]
From April 26 to June 12, a third party was using valid usernames and passwords to gain access to the customers' accounts. [Read More]