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The City Council of Santa Ana has placed a tax increase measure on the November ballot that would increase sales tax in Santa Ana by... [Read More]
The independence of the auditor-controller is important to voter's confidence in their government, to taxpayers, and to the business community's investment in the county's continuing... [Read More]
Incumbents have an advantage when it comes to elections. Their ballot designation, or job title, give them a huge leg up and they are able... [Read More]
For the past few years, taxpayer advocates, including the Orange County Taxpayers Association, have been sounding the alarm of an impending battle to wipe away... [Read More]
The House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, by a vote of 227-205. Now it's up to... [Read More]
Every few years a public policy issue grows so immense and overarching that it becomes the issue that a leader is judged by. For local... [Read More]
Many of us who either grew up in, or have lived in, Orange County for many decades remember the old county hospital just off the... [Read More]
Twenty years ago, the elected officials who served on the boards of the Orange County Sanitation District and Orange County Water District had a visionary... [Read More]
If you Google the phrase, "house of cards," two very different images will appear. One will show a precariously built structure made up of playing... [Read More]
Recently I had two very different encounters regarding Proposition 13 that should be wake up calls for both California taxpayers and those that are committed... [Read More]
As a taxpayer, I have some basic expectations. When I dial 9-1-1 I want a police officer or firefighter to arrive at my house as... [Read More]
As California continues to experience drought concerns, most of us are probably not thinking about flooding. Yet, the high cost of flooding in our... [Read More]
Opinion: How did Westminster get into such dire financial straits? | redevelopment, city, westminster, area, property, council, years, deficit, taxes, went... [Read More]
You know that the political landscape in Orange County is changing when there is debate about whether or not taxes should be raised or implemented.... [Read More]
California voters passed Proposition 62, the Voter Approval of Taxes Act, in 1986. Prop. 62 requires that proposals for new or higher local general taxes... [Read More]
Politicians are usually defined by one of two things: What they say or how they vote. Too often, they become the very thing they decry.... [Read More]
Imagine your life, if all you had to do to balance your personal budget was pay the bills you wanted to pay, and you could... [Read More]
Over the past several weeks, we have all watched gasoline prices creep up. And now, in many places, we’ve already reached or surpassed $4 per... [Read More]
There is one truism in raising taxes that never seems to change, and it’s that no one tends to mind as long as the taxes... [Read More]
This past week, the State Board of Equalization, in a 5-0 vote, cut the excise tax on gas by 3.5 cents a gallon starting on... [Read More]