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Avicii's interior designer, Lynda Murray, shared never-before-seen pictures of the house she designed for him on Instagram... [Read More]
Alton Brown and Elizabeth Ingram started as client and designer, but by the end of this month will be husband and wife... [Read More]
A new version of Hugh Hefner's storied Playboy Club will open on September 12, with design by Cenk Fikri and creative direction by Richie Notar... [Read More]
The actress and interior design aficionado has recently shared several photos of her city apartment on her social media... [Read More]
The comedian even purchased the casual furnishings for the 4,000-square-foot apartment he shares with his fiancée, Ariana Grande... [Read More]
Production designer Curt Beech tells AD about the three different worlds he created for Spike Lee's new film BlacKkKlansman... [Read More]
Late politician Ted Kennedy rented the sprawling property in the 1960s after he was elected to the Senate... [Read More]
Or for those really ready to commit, Olympian Shaun White will rent the bluff-top home for a full year at $22,500 per month... [Read More]
Yes, the listing price of Hockey Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux's mansion is a nod to his retired Pittsburgh Penguins jersey number: #66... [Read More]
The split-level home that housed *The Brady Bunch* during one of the world's most famous television shows in the 1970s is now on the market... [Read More]
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost toured the Montauk property which has been occupied by a slew of celebrities this summer and is for sale for... [Read More]
Current owner Ron Burkle is selling the Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis house—or the Blade Runner house, as it's often called... [Read More]
Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson chatted about her chic summer Hamptons rental at a goop cocktail party in Bridgehampton... [Read More]
Add Skyscraper's thoughtful production design to your list of reasons to see what promises to be one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, starring Dwayne Johnson... [Read More]
Jayma Cardoso, owner of The Surf Lodge, gives the Montauk staple, hotel and decade-old go-to property for big-name music talent, a renovation... [Read More]
As we remember the late Tom Wolfe, who passed away earlier this week, we take a look back at his own memories of his childhood... [Read More]
Tommy and Dee Hilfiger open up their private residence inside the Plaza Hotel, sharing the personal touches that make the apartment feel like home... [Read More]
Blac Chyna puts Christian Grey and Scrooge McDuck to shame when it comes to some of the things she would like in her ultimate fantasy... [Read More]
John Steinbeck, one of America's most famous authors, lived in the $4.95 million apartment until his death in 1968... [Read More]
The designer of Dusen Dusen tells us how she ended up making the eye-catching outfits Greta Gerwig's five dates wore—and how you can get your... [Read More]