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After Twitter gave Infowars' Alex Jones a slap on the wrist, more than 50,000 users installed a block list to eliminate Twitter ads... [Read More]
The hype cycle for bots exploded in 2016 as developers poured time and money into the dream of personal digital assistants. Facebook and Microsoft announced... [Read More]
Alistair Mactaggart's longshot initiative turned into one of the nation's strictest data privacy policies. It could suggest a new path forward for regulation... [Read More]
Twitter moved to ban the Proud Boys, but continues to dither when it comes to Alex Jones and Infowars... [Read More]
On one hand, we spent maybe too much time this week on the question of whether one person should lose access to his social media... [Read More]
On Tuesday, weighing in on the public pressure to ban Alex Jones and Infowars from Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey called on journalists for help. "Accounts... [Read More]
Last night, amid growing pressure to address Alex Jones' presence on Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey tried to explain the company's position. In a series of... [Read More]
Alex Jones' fate was decided over the weekend, when Apple CEO Tim Cook and his vice president of software and services, Eddy Cue, met to... [Read More]
Breaking down music into its component parts helped Pandora build personalized music playlists years before services like Spotify even existed. Could taking a similar approach... [Read More]
On Monday, the bottom dropped out for Alex Jones. After a series of tepid disciplinary actions, which the Infowars host evaded with ease, three of... [Read More]
After weeks of criticism, YouTube moved on Monday to delete The Alex Jones Channel. The Infowars host's channel had more than 2.4 million subscribers. [Read More]
Voting machines are in danger of being hacked. A Def Con hackathon nextw eek is good news for democracy... [Read More]
Two months after announcing the product at its F8 developer conference, Facebook is testing its dating app internally with employees. Independent app researcher Jane... [Read More]
An ongoing influence campaign is undermining our shared reality... [Read More]
Two years ago today, Instagram introduced its clone of Snapchat Stories: a feed of photos and videos that disappear 24 hours after they are posted.... [Read More]
A bipartisan group of senators is considering legislation to address foreign interference on social media platforms. [Read More]
In response to concerns over phone addiction, Facebook has added reminders to tell you when you've spent too much time browsing your feeds. [Read More]
We are 97 days away from the midterm elections, there's an active campaign to undermine our democracy on Facebook, and no one can say for... [Read More]
Sen. Mark Warner has a new policy paper that targets misinformation and data privacy... [Read More]
Two weeks ago, CNN's Oliver Darcy put a question to Facebook executives during an event in New York: how can Facebook say it's serious about... [Read More]