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For more than a year, Canada's foreign minister and the United States trade representative have been locked in intense negotiations to rewrite the trade pact. [Read More]
The documents paint a clearer picture of the terror Faisal Hussain caused during a shooting spree this summer but leave many questions unanswered. What, for... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has gone behind Canada's back and negotiated what he calls a trade deal with Mexico, leaving Canada on the sidelines.It's the biggest... [Read More]
The police in Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, shut down a major thoroughfare in the city and advised people to remain indoors. [Read More]
To push back against rights complaints, the kingdom is pulling patients, doctors and students from Canadian institutions and refusing to buy Canadian grain. [Read More]
Toronto leaders react with anger and shock, calling the move to reduce the size of the City Council a blow to democracy. Campaigning was already... [Read More]
Religious fanaticism or mental disorder? After the Islamic State claimed the gunman who shot 15 in Toronto as one of its one, the debate was... [Read More]
The shots rang out, one by one and in bursts. Diners at the outdoor tables of the packed bars and restaurants along the Danforth, the... [Read More]
The shots rang out, one by one and in bursts. Diners at the outdoor tables of the packed bars and restaurants along the Danforth, the... [Read More]
The view from Canadian cottages is often of Americans. Is Canadian patriotism coming back? [Read More]
For one of Canada's largest legal cannabis companies, the vote in Parliament this week to legalize recreational marijuana use represents a broad opportunity to ... [Read More]
'It was extremely undiplomatic and antagonistic... disrespectful and ill-informed'... [Read More]
A Twitter tirade by President Trump against the Canadian prime minister provoked anger and defiance in the decidedly diplomatic country. [Read More]
At the end of a contentious meeting of the Group of Seven nations, Mr. Trump railed about what he called "ridiculous and unacceptable" tariffs on... [Read More]
As an ally turns antagonist, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces pressure to look beyond the traditional priorities of Canada to protect not only its economy,... [Read More]
Tensions over trade are likely to consume the summit meeting between President Trump and leaders of six of the United States' main allies. Here's what... [Read More]
Officials did not know the cause of the explosion at Bombay Bhel in Mississauga, a city just south of Toronto. [Read More]
The police would not say whether the van's driver had targeted women, but they are examining a Facebook message that was hostile to them. [Read More]
Constable Ken Lam turned off his siren, calmly ordered the man to get down and placed him under arrest. It was "a great outcome in... [Read More]
Amateurs with smartphones recorded the episode on a Toronto street, and the videos quickly begin trending on Twitter. [Read More]