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As Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill step behind the camera for A Star is Born and Mid90s, how do their films benefit from their A-list... [Read More]
Reviews. Videos. Hot takes. More hot takes. It's a lot to sift through. We're here to help. [Read More]
Gareth Evans, director of The Raid, shocks and confounds with an ultra-violent tale of a mad prophet that transforms into something entirely unexpected... [Read More]
In films such as Monsters and Men and The Hate U Give, real-life tragedy is making its way to the cinema with anger and purpose... [Read More]
In an expanding set of films, characters are posting, following and tapping as the industry recognises the undeniable importance of the 'gram... [Read More]
2001: A Space Odyssey. Stalker. The Man Who Fell to Earth. Under the Skin. All of the best sci-fi movies have excelled by shrouding the... [Read More]
The second half-hour of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's most recent season was "The Gang Goes to a Water Park," a prime example of the... [Read More]
The heyday of the Italian cinema subgenre known as giallo didn't last a very long time, and most of the entries falling under its highly... [Read More]
The true story of JT LeRoy, an invented persona that fooled the books world, has powerful parallels with the actor's own scrutinised personal life... [Read More]
Rashida Jones's sanitised bio-documentary about her father, the musician and producer Quincy Jones, fails to exploit her access to her subject... [Read More]
Drama based on true story of a reformed American white supremacist opts for sensationalism over complexity... [Read More]
This shocking and amazing sci-fi drama directed by Claire Denis follows a group of voyaging astronauts who switch their attention from black holes to sex... [Read More]
David Mackenzie's follow-up to Hell or High Water gives us screams, scowls and rolling vistas — but precious little depth... [Read More]
Tensions between undead roommates flare in this mockumentary about a group of vampires uneasily sharing a single mansion. [Read More]
With the premiere of the new Oscar-buzzed drama from Alfonso Cuarón, the streaming giant is set to be heading to the big screen for a... [Read More]
Domhnall Gleeson has quietly racked up a formidable résumé — acclaimed stage work, tertiary roles in two of the biggest cinematic franchises ever to storm... [Read More]
Prototype, the first feature-length effort from Toronto filmmaker and movie critic Blake Williams, clocks the beginning of end times as 1900. That's the year that... [Read More]
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage... [Read More]
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage... [Read More]
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage... [Read More]