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From left to right: Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's funeral at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Aug.... [Read More]
Seeking to fill a centrist vacuum in the Jewish communal landscape, IPF Atid builds networks in four cities, holding events for young professionals in New... [Read More]
Some wonder why Jerusalem wants to forge a closer bond and sell arms to Rodrigo Duterte, known for poor human rights record and past self-comparison... [Read More]
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines speaking in Davao City, Sept. 30, 2016. (Wikipedia) [Read More]
The Israel Policy Forum was founded in 1993 to build support for the Middle East peace process and its "inevitable" solution: two states, one Jewish,... [Read More]
Supporters of Julia Salazar back the New York State Senate candidate at a news conference in Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 6, 2018. (Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via... [Read More]
Julia Salazar pushes back on report saying her background is 'largely self-created,' says she's a Jew 'even if gatekeepers of Jewishness want to deny' it... [Read More]
From Midtown to the Mideast - We Cover Your World... [Read More]
Julia Salazar is running for New York State Senate as a democratic socialist. (Charles Dunst/JTA) [Read More]
"BlacKkKlansman" tells the story of two cops — a black and a Jew — infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan in 1972. (Screenshot from YouTube) [Read More]
What does this mean for Jews? [Read More]
The storm over The New York Times' hiring of Sarah Jeong highlights activists' question of whether it's racism when 'punching up'... [Read More]
Sarah Jeong's anti-white tweets prompted a debate over the definition of racism and, subsequently, anti-Semitism. (Illustration by Charles Dunst/JTA; photo: Wikimedia Commons) [Read More]
"We are Q." [Read More]
Ex-cricketer Imran Khan, 65, whose first wife had Jewish roots and who has faced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, want reform, but how far will he go... [Read More]
The election of former cricket star Imran Khan as Pakistan's new prime minister has raised eyebrows across the globe. He has promised a "new Pakistan,"... [Read More]
The player, who was injured in a motorcycle accident, now plays in multiple Jewish leagues... [Read More]
From Midtown to the Mideast - We Cover Your World... [Read More]
A column in Teen Vogue unflatteringly compares policing of minority communities in the United States and Israel. (Lily Hong/Flickr) [Read More]
NBA star accused of being 'horribly offensive' in posing with Israeli weaponry on visit organized by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces... [Read More]