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Republican chairs of armed services committees, and lobbying associations, forced DOD to scratch a promising effort to reduce the excessive levels of progress payments. [Read More]
President Trump gives outsized praise to the hurricane performance of his disaster agency, FEMA. But a recent report by the government's oversight agency debunks... [Read More]
Judge Brett Kavanaugh rules against the environmental side. He will push the Supreme Court in an anti-environmental direction. [Read More]
Sam Patten pled guilty to charges in the Russia matter. He admitting lying to, and obstructing, the Senate Intelligence Committee. [Read More]
Congress is about to take one more fateful step to privatized veterans care which reduces the specialized and dedicated care of the VA. It... [Read More]
Trump signed into law the annual defense spending bill. His signing statement asserted his power on many matters. Notably, he insisted he could... [Read More]
It was just revealed that the Defense Department will change procurement policy. It will make security a criterion, like price. There are benefits.... [Read More]
A press study of waivers of Defense Department debarments shows how some are for particular major criminal charges worth reviewing. These include charges against... [Read More]
Federal employee unions won an important first skirmish with President Trump's anti-labor policies. They won a victory before the FLRA that the Education Department,... [Read More]
The Interior-Environment appropriation bill goes to the Senate floor this week. Anti-environmental policy riders that won in the House will be rejected in the... [Read More]
The struggle over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court will include battles over procedure as well as substance. A great deal will ride... [Read More]
It may seem that Senate Republicans start out with an unbeatable hand to win confirmation of as extreme a nominee as President Trump might like,... [Read More]
Trump's directive creating a new military Space Force threatens increases in concerning aggressive programs. [Read More]
The supreme Court decided, by 5-4, a case today upholding Ohio's toxic system for purging may of Oho's voters from the rolls. [Read More]
This week, Trump warned, in effect, that he might stack a commission that will choose VA facilities to close. Also, the House passed an... [Read More]
A IG report shows the deep flaws in Afghanistan's anti-corruption efforts. Until the Afghan government tries harder, "corrupt networks" may control even law enforcement. [Read More]
The Supreme Court decided the Masterpiece Cake case for the baker, but preserved gay rights. Justice Kennedy wrote a narrow and balanced decision rejecting... [Read More]
President Trump was wrong to reveal, at a fundraiser, a classified clash between American forces and Russian mercenaries in Syria. He increased tensions just... [Read More]
The House-passed defense authorization is chock-ful of wasteful or faulty provisions, from wasteful weaponse and over-large arsenals to no base closure and cuts in civil... [Read More]
The Trump Administration will use the trick of the rescission procedure to get $15 billion of cuts, especially children's health cuts, through the Senate without... [Read More]