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AN Egyptian mummy has been discovered in a coffin thought to be empty and experts are heralding the discovery as a bombshell moment which could... [Read More]
SNOW is forecast to hit the UK this weekend, covering almost ALL areas of the country as the Beast From The East Part 2 smashes... [Read More]
RUSSIA has summoned the UK ambassador in Moscow as tensions begin to flare between Putin and May. [Read More]
MEGHAN Markle gave the cameras exactly what they wanted today as she peered down the lens and flashed a beautiful smile. [Read More]
NEW York has been hit by a snowstorm as the USA braced for the third Noreaster in as many weeks after having a deluge of... [Read More]
CRUFTS 2018 final was a little more animated that usual this year as a protestor invaded the stage moments after the Best In Show winner... [Read More]
AUSTRIAN PM has vowed to use his country's EU presidency to focus away from resettling migrants in Europe towards preventing further waves of illegal immigration. [Read More]
THE EU has hit back at the USA in trade war today as it threatened to impose its own measures after Donald Trump gave two-fingers... [Read More]
BRITAIN has reached temperatures that have FROZEN sea water as a Siberian weather system makes its way across Europe. [Read More]
GREECE issued a warning to Turkey today saying it would NOT tolerate any challenge to its territorial integrity. [Read More]
THE Greatest Showman has hit the cinemas and film goers can't seem to get enough of the movie's soundtrack. This Is Me the title track... [Read More]
THE most active volcano in the Philippines ERUPTED and spewed lava and ash that fell on nearby towns, state volcanologists said today. [Read More]
OCEANS 8 is nearly here, the fourth installment after the trilogy of the Oceans movies and fans can't contain their anticipation. [Read More]
PETER Kay has canceled his UK tour, scrapping all 100 dates. [Read More]
RUSSIA has accused the United States of trying to provoke North Korea into a war in a shocking accusation. [Read More]
British horticulturist and garden designer has been celebrated today with a Google Doodle. [Read More]
DONALD Trump today wished the people of USA a Happy Thanksgiving as he called on his government to 'Make America Great Again'. [Read More]
ANGELA Merkel was today warned Europe is looking to Germany to lead in a time of turmoil and she must take control of the political... [Read More]
THE USA is Iran's 'number one enemy' and Tehran will never succumb to Washington's pressure over a multinational nuclear deal, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali... [Read More]
BITCOIN has surged this week and smashed through $7,000 for the first time in its history... [Read More]