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President Donald Trump reacted to the uncovered photo of Sen. Al Franken groping a woman while she was sleeping. [Read More]
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Sen. Al Franken should be investigated for allegations of inappropriate behavior. [Read More]
President Donald Trump accepted the thanks from three UCLA basketball players after they were released from China for shoplifting... [Read More]
Former White House chief strategist Steven K. Bannon retains deep admiration for his former boss, President Donald Trump... [Read More]
President Trump appeared disappointed that the three UCLA basketball players who were detained in China had not thanked him for negotiating their release. [Read More]
President Donald Trump again mocked CNN, after his return to the United States from his 12-day trip to Asia. [Read More]
Donald Trump returns to Washington D.C. on Tuesday night facing a big decision on what to do with Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore. [Read More]
President Donald Trump teased an upcoming announcement prepared after his return to the White House on Tuesday night. [Read More]
"I liked to fight and I liked to read," Steve Bannon admitted in a video interview with author Keith Koffler for his new book. [Read More]
Pres.Trump is sticking with his first statement in reaction to the Roy Moore story, although he appeared open to revisiting the situation. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said he would be happy to negotiate with China over conflicts in the South China Sea. [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced his selection of Alex Azar as the new nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. [Read More]
President Donald Trump chuckled after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte joked about the media being "spies" during a press availability. [Read More]
President Donald Trump suggested he was still concerned about the conglomeration of media outlets under one corporate head. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said that he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about meddling in the 2016 election, and he denied it. [Read More]
The White House defended allegations against Judge Roy Moore published by the Washington Post, but suggested that... [Read More]
First Lady Melania Trump toured the Great Wall of China, while the president traveled to Vietnam for the APEC summit. [Read More]
President Xi Jinping praised Chinese socialism during a state dinner with Donald Trump and their friendly relationship with the United States. [Read More]
President Donald Trump praised Chinese business leaders during his state visit to China, pointing out frankly that he didn't blame them for... [Read More]