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Depending on the legislation, public opinion is "often relevant" during public policymaking in Parliament, he added.. Read more at [Read More]
Depending on the amount pledged, the controversial membership programme promised subscribers photos of the girls in revealing outfits and to join them on private yacht... [Read More]
A Gucci wallet and two iPhones were among the things that had gone missing from his home, but it was the loss of a portable... [Read More]
Parti Liyani, who had worked for Mr Liew's family for eight years, faces four theft charges involving more than $50,000 worth of valuables. . Read more... [Read More]
Fiona Poh Min, who is accused of helping six Chinese nationals to cheat during their O-level exams, had thrown away her phone before she went... [Read More]
A tree pruner was left hanging high above a garden in his crane after Shi Ka Yee drove off with the keys to it. She... [Read More]
Believing that her cousin had been bullied, Zaishurin Teruna, 27, sought revenge, using an aluminium pole to hit a man in the face, leaving him with a... [Read More]
A police report has been made against a Singaporean debater accused of sexual harassment and behaving inappropriately towards the secondary school students he was coaching..... [Read More]
A student used sleight of hand to swop a $30,000 Rolex watch with a $500 fake - but ended up doing time.. Read more at... [Read More]
A Singaporean who misappropriated nearly $5.2 million from clients was sentenced to seven years and nine months' jail on Tuesday (Aug 7).. Read more at... [Read More]
Asean and China must push and quickly conclude the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea for maritime stability so that the regional grouping... [Read More]
Placing his hand protectively on his wife's neck, Mr Soh Kong Beng supported her head as she drifted off to sleep in a wheelchair.. Read... [Read More]
. Read more at [Read More]
A 29-year-old Bangladeshi man who tried to rob a pawnshop outside Boon Lay MRT Station last Saturday (July 28) will be charged on Friday with... [Read More]
Police have arrested an armed suspect who attempted to rob a pawnshop outside Boon Lay MRT station last Saturday.. Read more at [Read More]
Lucky the parrot was anything but after it pecked the face of her owner's stepmother.. Read more at [Read More]
He has tattooed nearly his entire body, but 32-year-old Adam Curlykale was still not happy with the way his body looked.. Read more at [Read More]
A 30-year-old trailer driver and a 23-year-old lorry driver, who was one of those injured, were arrested. . Read more at [Read More]
Do not fall for unverified fare promotions, contests, e-mails and calls that claim to be from the Singapore Airlines, the carrier warned its customers on... [Read More]
A Malaysian man's method of disciplining his child after the boy was caught on camera bullying his younger brother has sparked debate on social media..... [Read More]