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Arizona's attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against Pearl Bridal, accusing it of collecting prepayments for dresses and then shutting down.        ... [Read More]
A man was seriously wounded in a Phoenix shooting on Friday, police said.        ... [Read More]
The ATV the men were riding in hurtled about 400 feet down a cliff in a remote area north of Payson, police said.       ... [Read More]
Hurricane Florence took a sudden southwestern turn Wednesday and Phoenix Urban Search and Rescue members expect a change in travel plans as they head out... [Read More]
Money was taken from dormant bank accounts, some intended to be turned over to Salvation Army        ... [Read More]
Expected to appear on field with team before kickoff... [Read More]
A Missouri man who had been missing since Thursday apparently made it to the top of the Echo Canyon trail.        ... [Read More]
The eighth victim was transferred from the University of New Mexico Hospital to the Office of the Medical Investigator.        ... [Read More]
PInal County Sheriff's deputies responded after 'butt' dial prank call from children.        ... [Read More]
16-month-old Joey Reiss died when he was crushed by a bay door during a tour of a Scottsdale fire station.        ... [Read More]
Phoenix has become a winner in the school rivalry of more than a century, though, as the city's core has blossomed from the unusual circumstance... [Read More]
The foundation for the modern student regent in Arizona was laid by the last one who could not vote: Patrick McWhorter. [Read More]
NextGen, a youth vote program funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, seemed like the right fit for Audrey Ruiz when she was looking for something to... [Read More]
After 14 years as a for-profit university, Grand Canyon University turned back the clock and reverted back to its non-profit status as of today. [Read More]
Arizona's Legislative District 14 Republican Senate primary pits scandal-plagued former House Speaker David Gowan against Rep. Drew John and an anti... [Read More]